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Patient misdiagnoses likely to get worse without changes

2015-09-22 20:10
IOM report highlights need for improving health care diagnostic mistakes

Most consumers of health care have at least one story to tell about how they have experienced an illness and were misdiagnosed. A new report highlights the urgency of finding ways to curb the incidence of diagnostic mistakes that researchers say will get worse unless changes are made urgently to reduce errors.

The answer to better health care, according to the researchers, is teamwork that includes communication among nurses, doctors, families, pathologists and radiologists.

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Stay healthy with the right foods, even if you can't lose weight

2015-08-06 10:54
Choosing nutrient dense food could keep some people healthy

Results of a new study suggest weight loss and exercise may not be the only way to get healthy. Correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies by eating the right foods might be enough for some people struggling with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or other signs of metabolic syndrome.

The finding, published in the FASEB Journal, suggests simply eating nutritious foods could be enough to prevent health problems, even if you are overwe

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Four ways the food industry is making us sick that government is ignoring

2015-07-12 13:49
How the food industry is making us sick that the government is promoting

Dr Elaina George is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist and host of Medicine on Call is highlighting the role of the food industry and health care reform. George says there is a direct correlation between obesity and chronic illnesses that stem from the food we eat that is being ignored by the government.

Obesity rates have more than doubled since 1980. Chronic diseases linked to obesity include breast cancer, heart disease, fatty liver disease, musckuloskeletal problems, diabetes and more.

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New Rosacea Treatment Is a Honey Deal

2015-07-08 13:02
rosacea treatment

Approximately 10 percent of adults experience rosacea, facial redness and chronic inflammation that thus far has no cure. Now the authors of a study from New Zealand suggest a new rosacea treatment shown to be effective involves honey.

Are you among the more than 16 million Americans who has rosacea?

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Inexpensive test shows your virus history: Why you need to know

2015-06-06 10:56
Virus history

Have you ever wondered what viruses have invaded your body in the past or been frustrated that your doctor doesn’t know what is making you feel so poorly? Now there is an inexpensive blood test that can detect your viral infection history that costs just twenty five dollars. But why would a person need information about past exposure to viruses?

Have you ever wondered what viruses have invaded your body in the past or been frustrated that your doctor doesn’t know what is making you feel so poorly?

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Babesiosis is Tick-Borne Like Lyme Disease

2015-05-07 17:53
Babesiosis and Lyme disease

People who have been bitten by a tick that carries the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease may develop babesiosis as well. In fact, babesiosis sometimes is a co-infection along with Lyme disease.

A parasite called Babesia microti can be carried by deer ticks (Ixodes scapularis), which are the same ticks that harbor the bacterium responsible for Lyme disease.

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Critical gene discovery could change type 2 diabetes treatment

2015-04-30 08:07
Gene mutation found to protect from type 2 diabetes

Researchers have made what they say is a critical gene discovery that could change the way type 2 diabetes is prevented and treated. The new finding uncovers a gene mutation that protects people from type 2 diabetes.

The investigation also showed the GLP1R gene mutation protects from diabetes but has no impact on obesity of

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Are you doing this one cheap and easy thing for a healthy brain?

2015-04-29 10:18
MRI imaging shows simple exercises can keep brain structure intact with aging.

Boston University Medical Center researchers have linked one simple thing that can keep our brain youthful. Findings published in the Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology are the first to show genuine brain health benefits from physical fitness among older adults.

Investigators for the study say they hope the finding gives older adults motivation for exercise.

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Maple syrup and antibiotics could make a good team

2015-04-20 20:36
Mixing maple syrup with antibiotics could help fight superbugs.

It seems possible that maple syrup could help humans fight infection. Researchers recently discovered maple syrup has properties that make antibiotics more effective and could help protect us from the threat of superbugs that have become resistant to antibiotics.

The finding that comes from researchers at McGill University could mean decreased use of antibiotics.

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Western lifestyle could be culprit for our disappearing healthy gut bacteria

2015-04-19 12:34
Is Western lifestyle to blame for our disappearing healthy gut bacteria?

Researchers are trying to understand more about bacteria in the gut and how diversity of microbes promote or adversely affect our health. A new study suggests Western lifestyle might be the culprit for disappearing bacteria in our intestines that can have implications for health.

Senior author Jens Walter of the University of Alberta Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science points out several factors that are thought to alter intestinal bacteria including

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