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Genome study uncovers 395 Ebola mutations: Why the discovery is so important

2014-09-15 19:16
Ebola virus genome sequenced and 395 mutations found since last oubreak

Dr. Richard A. Stein, a research scientist and adjunct Biology professor explains in an EmaxHealth interview why recently discovered Ebola virus mutations can help us understand the deadly disease. He emphasizes the need for preparedness and rapid containment of Ebola virus in areas of outbreaks. The genome of Ebola has been changing in ways that can even make it undetectable with diagnostic testing.

Researchers publishing in the journal Science have traced the current Ebola outbreak to a funeral. They have also sequenced the genome of the virus, finding 395 Ebola virus mutations.

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Probiotics stop this serious complication of liver failure

2014-06-09 08:48
Probiotics like those found in yogurt could help complication of liver failure

Researchers in India have found probiotics can stop a serious complication of cirrhosis of the liver that causes brain dysfunction. According to the investigation probiotics can be used to prevent hepatic encephalopathy for patients who have cirrhosis of the liver.

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