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Personal Health

6 Steps To A Healthier & Happier You

2004-06-02 16:37

Balance in all things is critical to maintaining health, not only physical health, but emotional and spiritual health as well. In the hectic drive of today's world, many women forget to take care of their most important asset, themselves. In an effort to help people of all ages learn to take care of and nurture themselves, here are 6 easy ideas you can use to bring balance and harmony into your life.

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First Aid Tips: Start With First Aid Kit

2004-05-17 08:31

When someone is injured or suddenly becomes ill, there is usually a critical period before you can get medical treatment and it is this period that is of the utmost importance to the victim. What you do, or what you don't do, in that interval can mean the difference between life and death. Do you have a first aid kit? You owe it to yourself, your family and your neighbors to know and to understand procedures that you can apply quickly and intelligently in an emergency.

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Poisons Under Your Sink: Hidden Dangers of Cleaning Products

2004-05-12 15:03

The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) has recorded many exposures to household cleaning substances that were serious enough to require treatment in a health care facility. Incredibly, according to the AAPCC the largest number of occurrences of poisoning in 1993 were due to cleaning products - drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, bleach, soaps and detergents.

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No name 4

2004-05-11 22:47

Spring blooms are all around us in the western hemisphere\nalong with runny noses, eyes, coughing, sneezing and low\ngrade fevers. These symptoms are not from summer colds\nbut from allergies to pollens, grass and a host of other\nenvironmental air factors. Does spring have to be so\nmiserable?\n

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