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Everyday chemicals could be zapping your testosterone

2014-08-15 12:55
Phthalates linked to low T

Plasticizers known as phthalates have been found to be associated with lower levels of testosterone that is important for overall health and well-being. According to University of Michigan researchers the finding has public health implications that should be noted by policy makers.

More research shows everyday chemicals could lower testosterone.

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Does Peeing on a Jellyfish Sting Really Work?

2014-07-09 13:37

On a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz tackles summer myths and truths such as the oft-repeated peeing on a jellyfish sting advice. The following is a summary of what is a myth and what is real when it comes to summer fun in the great outdoors and how it can affect your health.

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Which Child in this Video Will You Be This Easter?

2014-04-18 11:23
Easter Children

Random acts of kindness. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw this video. Then came irony. A less-positive thought that overshadowed my first as I began to read the comments listed under a YouTube video posted this spring about an eight-year-old boy who selflessly gave up a baseball to another, younger child.

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Medical students could be healthier and learn better with more humane schedules

2014-04-07 00:39
Medical students

It has been traditionally said that the rigorous schedule of medical students makes them better doctors, but recent research says this is not so. Unfortunately for the medical students it's true that their rates of drug and alcohol abuse, divorce, and suicide have appeared to be unusually high for a long time. Furthermore, medical students are sometimes ruined with allegations by medical professors of having bad attitudes about their professional careers if they complain about their rigorous work schedules and dwindling personal lives. Yet, recent research shows that a kinder, gentler approach to medical students may benefit them greatly.

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Consumer Reports Warns Buyers about the 5 Most Common E-Cigarette Problems

2014-03-27 10:19
E-Cigarette dangers

Just how safe are electronic cigarettes known as “e-cigarettes” by consumers, and who’s regulating their production and sale? According to a recent special report by experts from Consumer Reports on Health, not much about their safety is known. And currently - nobody is overseeing and regulating their manufacture and sale.

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Why an Annual Physical Exam May Shorten Your Lifespan

2014-01-24 11:42
Physical Exam

In this month’s Consumer Reports on Health, the editors of an article titled “Do you need an annual checkup” find that when it comes to getting your annual physical exam that it―like many other medical procedures―is not absolutely necessary to ensure good health. In fact, they report that seeing your doctor for an annual exam could shorten your lifespan.

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