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Stress Management and Relief

Lower stress, boost happiness in just 3 minutes

2017-01-13 20:02

Here is a three minute fix to quell stress and anxiety that does not require a visit to the therapist, no pills and is free.

According to the National Institutes of Mental Health just ten percent of people with stress and anxiety receive effective help.

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Purposeful daily living with mindfulness is where it's at

2016-12-05 05:38

If you want to lead a more meaningful and healthy life on a daily basis you should commit yourself to mindfulness and pursue purposeful living on a daily basis.

In our chaotic world there are many people searching for natural ways to relax and lead a healthier life.

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How Botox Can Keep Overactive Sweat Under Control And Why You Should Try Natural Remedies Instead

2016-11-28 19:08

Botox isn't just for temporarily freezing wrinkles and helping you lose weight. Did you know doctors have been injecting hyperactive sweat gland patients with botox to help regulate their sweating? Here's why it might be dangerous and some natural alternatives you can try.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition where a patient sweats too much at random times without physical or mental triggers, like hot body tempera

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Probiotics lower stress and anxiety levels

2016-11-24 07:14

Researchers have found that common probiotics decrease stress and anxiety levels.

There as been a growing awareness of the value of probiotics to enhance health and well being. Recently scientists have determined that probiotics lower stress and anxiety.

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Sunshine is a great natural remedy to nurture mental health

2016-11-04 23:08

According to researchers sunshine has a great impact on your mental and emotional health.

It seems to those of us who love the outdoors that sunshine gives us a natural high. Actually sunshine really has been found to help nurture mental health.

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Glutathione may help slow down aging

2016-10-25 09:29

Researchers have discovered that glutathione helps resist the toxic stresses of everyday life but the levels decrease with age and this sets off many age associated health problems.

It is very sad to watch as aging people generally decline in their ability to get along well independently.

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Natural remedies help to deter physician burnout

2016-10-10 07:39

Researchers at Mayo Clinic have identified effective natural interventions to help deter physician burnout.

Physician burnout is a serious problem which can jeopardize the quality of care provided for patients and the careers of physicians.

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Relax to help avoid car collisions

2016-09-25 00:48

A new study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has demonstrated there are much higher odds of being in a motor vehicle accident among drivers who are angry and aggressive.

Car accidents are a leading cause of serious injuries and deaths. Safe driving is therefore encouraged to save lives on the road.

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Another Way that Exercise Helps Your Weight Loss Efforts

2016-09-23 11:48

Obviously, that 30 minute run burns calories, helping you to lose weight. But there may be an additional way that regular exercise can help your diet efforts!

Have you worked hard at steering yourself away from certain foods in an effort to improve your health and/or to lose weight?

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