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Ticks Increase Activity As Spring Arrives

2007-04-07 12:02

Montana's abundant spring and summer outdoor activities are right around the corner. But, before heading out to recreate, the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services offered this reminder Thursday: It's also tick season.

An innocent hike, campout or even a few hours gardening in the backyard can put one in contact with the annoying parasites. Starting now until usually the end of July, blood-thirsty ticks are looking to make a home on any unsuspecting person. Peak tick season usually lands in May.

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Hospira Introduces Advanced Wireless Security Platform For Infusion Devices

2007-04-05 12:14

Hospira Inc. introduced a new wireless platform for its medication infusion devices that incorporates leading-edge authentication standards and encryption protocols to assist hospitals in securely transferring data and complying with patient confidentiality regulations.

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