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Vitamin D used to prevent heart attacks questioned by new research

2014-08-26 17:12
heart disease and vitamin d

A new study has attempted to address the common question about using vitamin D to help prevent heart attacks. Based on earlier research, some patients believe that low levels of this vitamin can lead to heart disease. However, the latest study shows the vitamin may not be as powerful as previously thought.

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Gluten-free food alert for people with peanut allergies: Celiac disease warning

2014-08-26 16:06
Gluten-free food alert

The Food and Drug Administration has created a new warning for people with celiac disease and others who follow a gluten-free diet. There is a new ingredient that is appearing in many products labeled as gluten-free that may cause problems for people with peanut allergies. If you are sensitive or allergic to peanuts or soybeans, you may want to pay attention to the alert.

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Using food to fight heart disease

2014-08-24 21:27
food helping heart disease

A healthy diet has always been considered an important part of preventing and fighting heart disease. However, both patients and doctors have struggled with the concept, and it continues to be a challenge for many people. Now, one doctor hopes to change this mindset by creating a medical practice that focuses on eating healthy.

Heart disease patients often hear recommendations about changing their diet and may feel bombarded with information about avoiding trans fats or adding more vegetables to their meals.

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Gluten sensitivity differs from celiac disease: Role of FODMAPs

2014-08-24 20:42
Gluten free food

Several recent reports have focused on understanding the difference between gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Although the two conditions have similarities, it is important to recognize they are not identical. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is sometimes ignored, and this can create a hard situation for the person suffering from the condition.

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity refers to people experiencing many of the same symptoms as those who suffer from celiac disease, yet their medical tests for the disorder are negative.

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