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What does caring for a fish have to do with managing type 1 diabetes?

2015-06-28 13:40
Caring for Betta fish and type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes can be difficult to control, especially for active teens. Results of a new study show taking care of pets, in this case a fish, can help teenagers manage diabetes that ultimately means fewer complications from the disease.

Senior author Olga Gupta, assistant professor of pediatrics and internal medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center investigated how caring for a fish helped 28 teens with type

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FDA approves vaccine trial for type 1 diabetes

2015-06-09 18:38
Diabetes sugar level check

The FDA has approved a trial for a vaccine for type 1 diabetes that will launch this summer. Doctor Denise Faustman of Massachusetts General Hospital has been studying BCG for reversing type 1 diabetes.

FDA approval for phase II clinical testing was announced at the 75th Scientific Sessions of the American Di

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High Triglycerides, for some, could stop type 2 diabetes

2015-06-06 11:10
cholesterol and diabetes

Could high triglycerides be a good thing for some people? A new study suggests the fatty acid seems to protect some from developing type 2 diabetes.

The new finding points to a previously unknown role of genetically inherited high triglycerides that scientists say protects people from diabetes rather than raising the chances they will develop t

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Try Vegan Diet for Diabetic Neuropathy?

2015-05-28 08:16
vegan diet for diabetic neuropathy

Relief from the pain of diabetic neuropathy is possible with a change in diet, according to a new study. Following a vegan diet (plant based eating) is associated not only with improvement in neuropathy but other benefits for diabetics as well.

A team of researchers from Physicians Committee, California State University East Bay, and George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences conducted a pilot study involving 34 i

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Diabetic Neuropathy May Respond to Fish Oil

2015-05-12 09:40
diabetic neuropathy and fish oil

Results of a new study suggest that fish oil may help restore the nerve damage associated with diabetic neuropathy. The study was conducted in mice, and there are plans to perform studies in diabetic patients with neuropathy.

Diabetic neuropathy affects about half of individuals who have diabetes.

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How Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease are Connected

2015-05-06 08:18
diabetes and Alzheimer's disease are connected

A new study provides significant evidence that diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease have a special relationship. Experts at Washington University School of Medicine report that high blood sugar levels associated with diabetes can raise the levels of key protein fragments found in Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Numerous previous studies have suggested the relationship between diabetes and the most common form of dementia.

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More morning protein could help treat type 2 diabetes

2015-05-02 19:45
Researchers say eating more protein in the morning could help keep blood sugars in check for diabetics.

University of Missouri-Columbia investigators have shown that eating more protein at breakfast can prevent blood sugar spikes for people trying to control type 2 diabetes.

One of the biggest challenges for people with diabetes is keeping glucose levels from going too high later in the day.

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Replacing one sugary drink with unsweetened tea, water lowers diabetes risk

2015-05-02 17:31
Replacing sugary drinks with water lowers risk of diabetes

A new study suggests that replacing one sugary drink, such as soda or sweetened milk, with water or unsweetened tea or coffee can significantly reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Researchers recorded the beverage consumption of 25,639 adults between the ages of 40 and 70 years old in the UK who participated in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition

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Critical gene discovery could change type 2 diabetes treatment

2015-04-30 08:07
Gene mutation found to protect from type 2 diabetes

Researchers have made what they say is a critical gene discovery that could change the way type 2 diabetes is prevented and treated. The new finding uncovers a gene mutation that protects people from type 2 diabetes.

The investigation also showed the GLP1R gene mutation protects from diabetes but has no impact on obesity of

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Oral insulin protects high risk children from type 1 diabetes in first study

2015-04-22 07:34
Pilot study shows oral insulin safe and effective for preventing type 1 diabetes

New research funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Association found taking insulin by mouth helps boost immunity to prevent type 1 diabetes in children at high risk for the disease.

Results of a small pilot study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is the first to show insulin provokes a protective immune response against type 1 diabetes.

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