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Some Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Linked to Weight Gain

2015-03-26 12:11
type 2 diabetes drugs and weight gain

Overweight and obesity are generally associated with type 2 diabetes, so it seems sensible you would not want to treat the disease with drugs that can cause weight gain. Although an increase in body fat has been observed for some time with use of certain type 2 diabetes drugs, a research team believes they now know why.

Among the different classes of drugs used to treat type 2 diabetes are thiazolidinediones (

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Erectile Dysfunction Drug Could Help Diabetes

2015-03-18 15:30
erectile dysfunction drug could help diabetes

A research team has found that an erectile dysfunction drug could help treat a common complication of diabetes called peripheral neuropathy. Thus far, the studies have been conducted in animals only, but the investigators suggest their findings could lead to a new way to treat diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy among individuals with either type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes is the most common complication of this disease.

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Gene therapy offers new hope for diabetic neuropathy

2015-03-06 11:57
Gene therapy could help repair diabetes nerve damage

Diabetes can lead to nerve damage known as neuropathy that is painful, permanent, irreversible and progressive. The most common symptoms of peripheral neuropathy that occurs in the extremities is a feeling of numbness and tingling and sharp, stabbing pain, especially in the feet. Researchers at Northwestern University have uncovered a new way to help diabetics get relief from diabetic neuropathy.

Researchers for the study that included 84 patients found patients with diabetes who were given two low dose rounds of a non-viral gene therapy called VM202 reported pain relief for more than a yea

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How lack of sleep could lead to type 2 diabetes

2015-02-22 13:02
Research uncovers why sleep is important for curbing obesity, type 2 diabetes.

A first study helps explain why sleep is so important for curbing obesity and type 2 diabetes. Researchers have uncovered how lack of sleep leads to metabolic problems.

Past studies have linked sleep disorders to weight gain and diabetes but why it happens has been somewhat

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Best Time To Exercise If You Have Type 2 Diabetes

2015-02-21 11:07
best time to exercise if you have type 2 diabetes

It is well accepted that physical activity is a critical and fundamental part of managing glucose levels in people with diabetes. Now the authors of a new study have identified what they believe to be the best time to exercise if you have type 2 diabetes.

Daily exercise is recommended for type 2 diabetes to help manage blood glucose and fat levels, which in tu

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Berry Compounds Anthocyanins Help Type 2 Diabetes

2015-02-19 14:02
berry compounds anthocyanins help type 2 diabetes

Compounds found in berries as well as other fruits, vegetables, and some grains, have been tested in humans and appear to be helpful in type 2 diabetes. The berry compounds, known as anthocyanins, are potent antioxidants that have a positive impact on factors involved in this common disease.

The pigments that are responsible for the red, purple, and blue colors of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and cereal grains are one class of flavonoid substances.

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Nightscout Helps Monitor Type 1 Diabetes Anywhere

2015-02-05 14:37
Nightscout monitors type 1 diabetes anywhere

The Nightscout Project is an example of what passionate individuals can do when they are tired of waiting for the medical community to find answers. In fact, the mantra of the DIY group involved with the Nightscout Project is “We are not waiting.”

Nightscout is a CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) in the cloud (network of servers) project that allows children with type

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Inhalable Insulin Afrezza Joins Diabetes Treatment Options

2015-02-03 13:13
Inhalable insulin Afrezza

The long wait for people with diabetes for an alternative to injectable insulin may finally be over. An inhalable insulin called Afrezza Inhalation Powder (Sanofi and MannKind Corporation) has hit the market in the United States and is available by prescription, but it is not for everyone who uses insulin.

Scientists have been working for many years to develop alternatives to insulin injections for people with type 1 diabetes and for those with type 2 diabetes who need the hormone.

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Probiotic pill engineered to help treat diabetes

2015-02-01 12:25
Specially engineered probiotic stimulates insulin to treat diabetes.

Cornell scientists say the day may come when a probiotic could be used to treat diabetes. In a novel study, researchers used a probiotic pill, combined with an insulin stimulating hormone that lowers blood sugar. Targeting bacteria in the gut instead of the pancreas could mean a new diabetes treatment is on the horizon.

The researchers are testing the pill and have already licensed it so they can move forward with human studies.

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How Coconut Oil Regulates Insulin

2015-01-30 10:58
Coconut Tree

A staggering 30 percent of the U.S. population suffers from type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and that number is on the rise with close to 2 million new diabetes diagnoses every year. You might be surprised to learn that coconut oil is a helpful dietary addition to the diabetic’s diet.

A study done in 2009 at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Australia found that a diet rich in coconut oil protected against insulin resistance.

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