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Could your diabetes treatment be doing more harm than good?

2014-07-01 11:26
Some people may be in harm's way from type 2 diabetes medication

For some patients taking insulin and other drugs for type 2 diabetes may do more harm than good. Researchers are challenging the notion that everyone with diabetes must reach target blood sugar levels, especially those over age 50 who are at low risk for complications of the disease.

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Canola oil may be best for type 2 diabetics

2014-06-17 10:14
Cooking with canola oil

There has been a surge in cases of type 2 diabetes linked to the obesity epidemic. Lifestyle considerations dealing with good nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest are essential in dealing properly with this condition. Recent research shows that canola oil may be particularly helpful for people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

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New onset type 1 diabetes reversed in mice: What about humans?

2014-06-16 19:58
Type 1 diabetes reversed in mice

Researchers have successfully reversed type 1 diabetes in mice with new onset of the disease. Targeting a different pathway in the immune system than other attempted therapies could someday mean success for reversing type 1 diabetes in humans.

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Bionic pancreas exceeds expectations for type 1 diabetes control

2014-06-16 14:37
Bionic pancreas delivers doses of insulin or glucagon every five minutes to help people with type 1 diabetes

A Boston University/Massachusetts General Hospital research team has developed a 'bionic' pancreas that succeeded in controlling blood sugar levels for adults and children with type 1 diabetes. The study of the artificial pancreas was experimental. The researchers hope it will be available within the next few years to help people with type 1 diabetes.

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