Top Three Exercises To Get, Stay In Shape

2008-07-10 10:20

Americans are looking for clear and concise answers when it comes to how to drop a few pounds this summer and many are turning to their personal trainers to show them the way. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently conducted a survey of 1000 ACE-Certified Personal Trainers to get their advice regarding the best techniques to get fit for summer.

They recommended strength training, interval training and increased cardio as their top three exercise approaches for a summer, total-body makeover when combined with a sensible, portion controlled, healthy diet.

1. Strength Training -- Nothing too intimidating, but just 20 minutes of basic exercises two days a week will help firm and tone the whole body. Strength training will modestly increase metabolism, helping to burn more calories -- even at rest. Start any strength-training program with one set of exercises and a weight that allows the completion of eight to 12 repetitions. Any program should exercise the major muscle groups of the lower body, torso, and upper body. Special attention should also be given to strengthening the core muscles and lower back to help enhance individuals' functional capabilities for safely engaging in various summer recreational activities.