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Exercise and Fitness

5 really quick workouts for weight loss

2016-05-04 13:16

Finding time to exercise is a burden for many reasons. The combination of working at a desk and other responsibilities often means no gym time for you. HIIT or high intensity interval exercises that you can do quickly anywhere can help with weight loss and are well worth considering.

These quick workouts can be done at home, during a commute or at lunch. You won't need any extra equipment.

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How To Lose Weight While Working At Your Desk

2016-05-03 17:26

As our lives have become more sedentary, we find ourselves moving far less than did our ancestors. We no longer have to scavenge each day for food, nor do we have to haul water out of the well and transport the heavy buckets back to the kitchen. For most of us, there is no need to chop down trees and cut up wood to stay warm in the winter. We buy our food from the market, and even worse, the fast food joints found on every corner. The modern conveniences we enjoy today have taken away much of the physical labor required to get the job done.

Even though we spend less time moving, we seem more fatigued at the end of the day. How is that even possible?

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Get Fit By Adding This Simple Exercise Equipment At The Desk

2016-05-02 15:04

Here is a very simple desk fitness equipment you can use for a resistance exercise. If you don't have this, you can even use soup cans.

This simple desk fitness equipment and exercise tip is shared by the American Diabetes Association through its Twitter channel to aid people to move more frequently at the desk.

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Could this be the most efficient workout ever?

2016-04-28 18:44

Finding time to exercise can sometimes be tough. Researchers at McMaster University may have found the best way to exercise that only takes one minute and is similar to the benefits of endurance training.

The health benefits of SIT or sprint interval training were recently put to the test by McMaster University's professor of kinesiology Martin Gibala,

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Boost Athletic Performance with This Sweet Treat

2016-04-20 16:22

If you want another excuse to eat a small piece of chocolate, here it is.

Researchers with London’s Kingston University have found that dark chocolate, already known for its positive effects on cardiovascular health, may also help give athletes an extra edge in their fit

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Why you should choose this one inexpensive tool for weight loss

2016-04-20 13:08

Dieting and weight loss are sometimes difficult. Did you know you can reach your weight loss goals by purchasing one simple item?

Starting an exercise and weight loss program can be simple. All you need to get started is an inexpensive pedometer.

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Would You Exercise More if You Were Paid?

2016-03-21 16:13

Obviously we all know that exercise is very important to both weight maintenance and overall health. So why is that we still aren’t doing it? Will rewards help?

Despite the many (many!) health benefits of exercise, still less than half of US adults are getting the minimum recommended amount each day.

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How Your Dog Can Help You Lose Weight

2016-02-23 16:32

People who are trying to lose weight often will often try a wide variety of eating programs and techniques to drop those extra pounds. Among the motivators for weight loss may be a canine friend, which is why I want to talk about how your dog can help you lose weight.

You may be saying to yourself, “It’s pretty basic, right?

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Get fit, stay fit: Do you have the right fitness tracker for you?

2015-07-20 21:42

The variety of fitness trackers on the market today can make it hard to know which one suits your needs. Is there an ideal tracker for biking or running? Does a better app for tracking sleep and other health metrics exist? The following tips about a few of the top fitness trackers on the market can help you pinpoint the right product for you.

Step Counting Master

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Researchers find key to developing consistent exercise habits

2015-07-09 19:48

One of the most common problems for people who want to exercise more is the inability to stick to a routine and workout on a consistent basis. However, researchers believe they may have found one of the key factors that can help people develop better exercise habits. A new study from Iowa State University reveals that you can focus on specific cues and track them to build better habits.

Researchers found that specific cues help people form habits that make them more likely to exercise on a regular basis.

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