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Crohn's and Colitis

Crohn's disease and colitis rates increase in Canada, highlighting need for a cure

2014-09-26 12:01
Canada rates of IBD increase significantly

In a first study researchers have found rates of Crohn's disease and colitis have significantly increased in Ontario, Canada. The finding highlights the need to find a cure for IBD that places a significant burden on children and adults diagnosed with the disease, as well as the health care system.

Research published this month highlights the growing prevalence of Crohn's disease and colitis in Canada.

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Crohn's disease skin problems: When to see your doctor

2014-09-25 20:10
Erythema nodosum: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis can also affect your skin. When should you see your doctor for treatment and what does it mean?

If you have Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis you could be susceptible to other health problems that are worth noting. It's important to know when to see the doctor.


Can certain vitamins and supplements help Crohn's or colitis?

2014-09-23 19:26
Do vitamins or certain supplements help with Crohn's disease and colitis?

Can certain supplements help manage Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis? There is promising research about some vitamins and supplements that are worth noting. Here is what you should know if you are diagnosed with IBD about supplements that could help or potentially harm.

If you have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease your doctor might recommend you supplement with certain vitamins and minerals.


How Fox59 helped college student who has Crohn's disease

2014-09-22 15:08

Fox59 recently helped a college student with Crohn's disease. The news agency's intervention will hopefully raise more awareness of difficulties experienced by people diagnosed with the disease.

Fox59 recently helped a student battling Crohn's disease in a big way. Jordan Louie, diagnosed with Crohn's disease in his freshman year, found himself in the hospital and away from the classroom.

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Crohn's disease treatment takes a step forward: New guidelines issued

2014-09-19 08:40
New Crohn's disease treatment guidelines issued

The American Gastroenterological Society has issued new guidelines for treating Crohn's disease that is based on symptoms and treating inflammation. Past treatment was geared toward relieving symptoms that failed to prevent complications including fistulas, abscess and strictures, the group notes.

Physicians now have a new tool for treating Crohn's disease.

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Monitoring antibodies a new approach for successful IBD treatment

2014-09-13 11:20
Monitoring antibodies to Remicade could help IBD patients with remission

Researchers are proposing a new way to help patients with Crohn's disease and colitis who are receiving Remicade (infliximab). According to current guidelines, dosing is based on symptoms and weight. Monitoring for therapeutic drug levels could be a new way to help patients maintain IBD remission and ensure patients don't develop antibodies that make the drug ineffective.

The study, published in the journal Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, evaluated the levels of infliximab that is commonly used to trea

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IBD bacteria identified that could mean different treatments

2014-09-06 12:38
E.coli bacteria in the intestines:Credit Wikimedia Commons

New research suggests there could be a role for antibiotics for treating Crohn's disease and colitis. Scientists at Yale University have discovered so called bad bacteria that can cause inflammation related to the intestinal disorders.

Scientists have identified a specific group of bacteria that causes inflammation and leads to inflammatory bowel disorders such as Crohn's disease and colitis.

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Powerful video helps raise awareness of Crohn's disease

2014-09-04 11:27
Crohn's disease video raises awareness

One person with Crohn's disease is trying to make a difference in raising public awareness about the disorder that can affect anyone. Here are also some Crohn's disease facts for those who don't understand why those who don't look sick are often left with a lack of understanding about how Crohn's disease impacts their lives.

The video below is touching and helps raise awareness of Crohn's disease.


Consumer Reports shares best buy for treating Crohn's disease

2014-09-03 10:36
Biologic drugs to treat Crohn's disease

Consumer Reports conducted an independent study that looked at biologic drugs available for Crohn's disease treatment. Based on their analysis, here is what the report says may be your "best buy" for choosing a biologic medication for treating ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease that should be discussed with your doctor.

There are a variety of options for treating Crohn's disease that can leave people diagnosed with the disease confused.

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Does low-dose naltrexone really help Crohn's disease?

2014-09-02 17:51
Can naltrexone treat Crohn's disease?

Could the inexpensive drug naltrexone help treat Crohn's disease? There are claims that the medication can be a big help to those suffering from CD, but there is also some information anyone battling Crohn's or colitis should know.

If you are diagnosed with Crohn's disease you may have already heard about preliminary studies showing low-dose naltrexone (LDN) might help alleviate Crohn's disease flare-ups.The drug has garnered