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Multiple Sclerosis

5 Nutrients Low in Women with Multiple Sclerosis

2015-02-23 09:09
5 nutrients low in women with multiple sclerosis

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that women with multiple sclerosis have a lower intake of five nutrients when compared with their healthy peers. These five antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients may play an important role in the disease, so what should women do?

Five nutrients

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iConquerMS Empowers Multiple Sclerosis Patients

2015-02-16 14:54

Individuals with multiple sclerosis have the power to advance the research and discovery efforts of scientists and ultimately improve MS treatment. An opportunity to wield that power is possible through the iConquerMS(TM) campaign, which is a new endeavor by the nonprofit organization, Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis (ACPMS).

The battle cry of the iConquerMS campaign is “Your health information has power!” iConquerMS is a patient-governed, patient-driven initiative that allows individuals with multiple sclerosis to secu

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Pseudobulbar Affect and Multiple Sclerosis

2015-02-09 13:29
pseudobulbar affect and multiple sclerosis

Imagine breaking out into uncontrollable laughter or crying bouts for no apparent reason and in inappropriate settings. For about 10 percent of individuals who live with multiple sclerosis, this possibility is all too familiar.

These unpredictable episodes of emotion are called the pseudobulbar affect (PBA; also known as emotional incontinence).

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Laughter Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

2015-02-02 12:13
laughter yoga for multiple sclerosis

Having multiple sclerosis is no laughing matter. However, that does not mean laughter does not have a place in dealing with MS. In fact, laughter yoga for multiple sclerosis may be just what the doctor ordered.

Laughter yoga was developed by Madan Kataria, MD, in 1995, as a way to help spread the word about the value of laughter as medicine. Both in his practice and from his research, Dr.

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New Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Study Shows Improvements

2015-01-26 10:03
multiple sclerosis and stem cells

Treatment with a form of stem cell transplantation in individuals with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis has demonstrated improvements in neurological disability, quality of life, and cognitive function. The new study, which appears in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, did not show similar positive results for individuals with secondary progressive MS.

Numerous scientific teams have been exploring the use of stem cell transplantation for multiple sclerosis.

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Study of Vibrating Insoles for Balance in Multiple Sclerosis

2015-01-14 13:09
vibrating insoles for balance in multiple sclerosis

Problems with balance and gait are two issues that face individuals who live with multiple sclerosis. Now a new pilot study is hoping to see how they might improve these challenges with the use of vibrating insoles.

Note that this study has just been funded and that it is currently in the enrollment period.

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Immunosuppressive Therapy and Stem Cell Study for Multiple Sclerosis

2014-12-29 17:45
immunosuppressive therapy multiple sclerosis

Investigators have just released the interim results of a five-year study of high-dose immunosuppressive therapy (HDIT) and hematopoietic stem cell therapy in 24 individuals with multiple sclerosis. After three years, most of the participants showed improvements in neurological function and sustained remission of active relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS).

The new JAMA Neurology article reports the findings of the Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation for Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (HALT-MS) study.

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MS Drug Gilenya May Increase Risk of Lymphopenia

2014-12-27 13:18
Gilenya and risk of lymphopenia

Studies in Sweden and Germany indicate that underweight women with multiple sclerosis who take the MS drug Gilenya (fingolimod) seem to be at increased risk for lymphopenia. The drug also poses a risk for patients who have low lymphocyte levels before they start drug treatment.

Lymphopenia (also known as lymphocytopenia) is a condition in which a person has a deficiency (penia) of lymphocytes, which are a subset of white blood cells (leukocytes).

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Video Games and Multiple Sclerosis, More Than Fun?

2014-12-17 08:06
video games and multiple sclerosis

Playing video games can be more than fun; it can be a therapeutic experience for people who live with multiple sclerosis. Several studies have explored the value of video games for managing multiple sclerosis symptoms, and more research is in the works. What’s the scoop?

Recently it was announced that the National Multiple Sclerosis Society has given a grant (NMSS Pilot Research Grant) to a research team at Ohio State University to develop and test a video game for

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