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Multiple Sclerosis

New Brain Scan Uncovers Secret in Multiple Sclerosis

2014-09-17 07:41
brain scan and multiple sclerosis

It appears that shades of gray matter in the brain, particularly in people who have multiple sclerosis. Scientists have used a new brain scan technique to uncover a surprising and important feature that impacts the severity of the disease.

The new brain scan technique is called macromolecular proton fraction (MPF) mapping, and it is a type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

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How to Save Long-Term Memory in Multiple Sclerosis

2014-09-15 07:23
long-term memory in multiple sclerosis

Long-term memory problems are not uncommon among people who have multiple sclerosis. However, there are things you can do to help ward off this cognitive challenge.

About 50 percent of people with multiple sclerosis experience cognitive symptoms, including problems with long-term memory.

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Probiotics for Multiple Sclerosis

2014-09-12 09:06
probiotics for multiple sclerosis

Probiotics could have a positive role for people with multiple sclerosis. One probiotic in particular was explored in a small study to find out if could help with newly diagnosed MS.

Using probiotics for multiple sclerosis may sound like a crazy idea. Aren’t probiotics usually used for conditions that affect the intestinal tract?

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Why Inflammatory Bowel Disease Is Like Multiple Sclerosis

2014-09-10 08:00
inflammatory bowel disease is like multiple sclerosis

Inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis may seem worlds apart, but a new study points out a relationship that may or may not surprise you.

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system and damages the neurons (nerve cells), resulting in numerous related physical and mental symptoms.

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Aspartame and Multiple Sclerosis, Bitter Connection

2014-09-09 06:10
aspartame and multiple sclerosis

Some evidence exists of a relationship between aspartame and multiple sclerosis. What do we know about the link between this common artificial sweetener and MS?

Not much has been written about a connection between aspartame and multiple sclerosis, although it is a topic that is frequently raised among those with MS.

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Exciting News about Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis

2014-09-04 08:14
yoga and multiple sclerosis

New and previous research shows that yoga for multiple sclerosis provides a number of important benefits that can improve quality of life. Do you know what those advantages are? Are you ready to try yoga for multiple sclerosis?

Evidence regarding the benefits of yoga for multiple sclerosis is growing, and a new study from Rutgers School of Health Related Professions is the latest one added to the therapy chest.

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New Multiple Sclerosis Drug May Reverse Damage

2014-09-02 09:13
multiple sclerosis drug

Scientists have discovered a new drug for multiple sclerosis that may help reverse the damage to the myelin associated with the disease. So far, study results have been positive and further testing of the new drug is in the pipeline.

An experimental multiple sclerosis drug is being tested to see if it may reverse damage to myelin.

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Important News about Salt and Multiple Sclerosis

2014-08-31 07:57
salt and multiple sclerosis

The amount of salt you consume can have a significant impact on your health, especially if you have multiple sclerosis. How much salt can be harmful for people with MS, what damage can it do, and how can you reduce your salt intake?

People with multiple sclerosis who want to feel better and tone down their disease activity should consider pushing away the salt shaker.

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