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Multiple Sclerosis

Massage for Multiple Sclerosis

2015-07-31 07:56
massage for multiple sclerosis

Massage for multiple sclerosis is not a cure, but it can provide significant benefits without the risk of drug side effects. In fact, the authors of numerous studies have reported on the advantages of this complementary therapy for MS patients.

Massage has been around for thousands of years and has been a part of healing as well as religious, athletic, and sexual activities.

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Finding Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials

2015-07-28 18:15
multiple sclerosis clinical trials

Some individuals who have multiple sclerosis have thought about or are interested in participating in clinical trials. For those who fall into these categories and who would like some assistance, there is a Clinical Trial Notification Program that can let you know about multiple sclerosis clinical trials for which you may qualify.

The Clinical Trial Notification Program (CTNP) is a project of MS News Today, an online digital publication

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Multiple Sclerosis and Personalized Medicine

2015-07-24 11:42
multiple sclerosis and personalized medicine

For people with multiple sclerosis who choose to take medications, identifying which one or ones will be effective is a challenge and often discouraging. Now a team in Italy has discovered a specific gene mutation that may eventually help bring personalized medicine to multiple sclerosis patients.

Personalized medicine is an emerging field, and the area that is getting the most action is in cancer treatment.

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Wahls Protocol for Multiple Sclerosis

2015-07-17 11:06
Wahls Protocol for multiple sclerosis

Of the many natural treatment approaches to multiple sclerosis, the Wahls Protocol, which includes a diet and lifestyle program designed to support brain cell function, has attracted special attention in part because it was developed by a physician who has MS. Another reason is that many people who have tried it say it works, but not everyone agrees.

In this way, the Wahls diet and lifestyle plan is not unlike other treatment options for multiple sclerosis, or for other diseases.

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Multiple Sclerosis Study Seeking 1,200 Participants

2015-07-09 12:59
multiple sclerosis study

A new study that will evaluate the effectiveness of an experimental oral drug (RPC1063) and Avonex (interferon beta-1a) in individuals with relapsing multiple sclerosis is now recruiting participants. The effort, which is known as the Sunbeam Study, is funded by Receptos, Inc., which makes the experimental drug.

Currently, dozens of sites throughout the United States are recruiting participants, and scores more will be available soon in the states and around the world.

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Short Documentary on Multiple Sclerosis Inspires

2015-07-02 12:53
documentary on multiple sclerosis

A 20-minute documentary on multiple sclerosis, entitled simply “SM” (the original title in Polish) offers a poignant look at the lives, thoughts, and goals of three people with the disease. The two women and one man, who range in age from 20 to 61, demonstrate the universality of the determination, hope, and challenges of the disease.

The documentary on multiple sclerosis (see below) was written and directed by Ilona Bidzan, a psychologist, and filmed in Poland.

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Understanding Tremors in Multiple Sclerosis

2015-06-27 11:57
tremors in multiple sclerosis

Tremors are one of the more common symptoms of multiple sclerosis. This uncontrollable shaking can be especially bothersome, embarrassing, and debilitating at times, but there are ways to help manage it.

When tremors in multiple sclerosis occur, which they do in about 75 percent of patients with MS, they tend to be mild and transient.

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Latest on Bone Health and Multiple Sclerosis

2015-06-25 10:20
bone health and multiple sclerosis

Two recent studies offer some important information on bone health for individuals who have multiple sclerosis. If you have MS and haven’t had a talk with your doctor about osteoporosis and your bones, it’s high time you did.

With all of the challenges multiple sclerosis presents, it can be easy to pass over issues that are not bothering you or are out of sight, like your bone health.

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Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease

2015-06-18 09:09
multiple sclerosis and Lyme disease

Accurate diagnosis of multiple sclerosis can be a challenge. One of the diseases that can present with neurologic symptoms similar to those seen in patients with MS is Lyme disease.

It may seem unusual for there to be similarities between Lyme disease, which is caused by bacteria known as Borrelia burgdorferi, a spirochete carried by deer ticks, and multiple sclerosis

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