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Mom Answers Why She Did Not Abort Son with Amniotic Band Syndrome

2014-04-28 09:03
No to abortion

It is very easy for an outsider to judge the decisions we make, but one mother has touched the heart of the masses with her resolution to keep and then to love unconditionally her son affected by a rare deformity known as amniotic band syndrome. Life is full of tough choices, but Fox 17's report on Lacey Buchanan's decision to keep her baby boy who was born blind and with such a severe cleft that he could not close his mouth. Other than these defects, little Christian is a normal little boy who loves to sing and play, laughing at the little things in life children love all day.

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Autism Grown Up: What Happens to Children with CDD?

2014-04-23 07:33
Autism Grown Up: What Happens to Children with Childhood Disintegrative Disorder?

We often concentrate on the moment and forget to think about what happens to children with autism when they have grown up. For those who are lucky and are higher functioning, they may end up leading grand lives, renowned for their abilities and IQs. What about those lower on the spectrum or with Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, however? What happens to them?

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Which Child in this Video Will You Be This Easter?

2014-04-18 11:23
Easter Children

Random acts of kindness. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw this video. Then came irony. A less-positive thought that overshadowed my first as I began to read the comments listed under a YouTube video posted this spring about an eight-year-old boy who selflessly gave up a baseball to another, younger child.

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