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Melting Down the Autistic Meltdown: Sometimes Tantrums aren't Tantrums

2014-04-29 12:11
Autism meltdown

The one thing that I hear from parents of autistic children the most is how frustrating their child’s meltdowns are and how humiliating it is that nobody around them seems to understand that meltdowns aren’t indicative of the parenting the child receives. Most of them would agree that the ‘baptism by fire’ of the autistic meltdown is the first true initiation into the life of an autism parent. They are scary, frustrating, and embarrassing at times.

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Breaking Out of Her Shell: Autism Shines with Unimaginable Intelligence

2014-04-29 07:06
Smart and intelligent autistic people

The moment we hear our children are diagnosed with autism, the stress kicks in. We ask ourselves a myriad of questions, hoping against hope for the best but often expecting the worst. Will they reach all their milestones? Will they regress?

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Piecing the Puzzle Back Together: Tips from a Mom of an Autistic Child

2014-04-28 20:33
Brook Price: Autistic Mom

Hello, I am Brooke. I’m a seasoned mother of an autistic child and one ‘typical’ child as well as the author of several Autism Help Books and an administrator of an international Autism Support Group online. When I was 19 years old my life changed forever.

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Mom Answers Why She Did Not Abort Son with Amniotic Band Syndrome

2014-04-28 09:03
No to abortion

It is very easy for an outsider to judge the decisions we make, but one mother has touched the heart of the masses with her resolution to keep and then to love unconditionally her son affected by a rare deformity known as amniotic band syndrome. Life is full of tough choices, but Fox 17's report on Lacey Buchanan's decision to keep her baby boy who was born blind and with such a severe cleft that he could not close his mouth. Other than these defects, little Christian is a normal little boy who loves to sing and play, laughing at the little things in life children love all day.

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