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EHR system changed after Ebola patient released from emergency room

2014-10-06 16:14

Understanding why exactly an Ebola patient was released from a hospital emergency room is pretty easy. We can blame it all on EHR systems, right?

The recent discharge of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas, highlights a tricky side of electronic health system records that are designed to reduce he

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Agents and Brokers Left Out Of Healthcare Marketplace: Assisters Survey

2014-09-25 10:53

There was a survey that was taken of all of the groups that assisted consumers during the first health insurance open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act or ACA. The only group that was left out were health insurance agents and brokers. The results of the survey were presented on C-span on August 5th 2014, under the title “Health Insurance Navigators and Brokers”. I found the discussion to be both enlightening and disappointing.

The first person to speak was Jennifer Tolbert from Kaiser Family Foundation.

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Managing Cognitive Disturbances in Major Depression: An Unmet Need

2014-09-25 10:36

Major depression is characterized by mood symptoms, disturbances in sleep, appetite, energy, psychomotor function and suicidality. Cognitive disturbances like problems with learning and episodic memory while an integral part of major depression have been relatively neglected until recently primarily because the available treatments have shown little efficacy in improving these symptoms. Only 35% of patients with MDD achieved remission on monotherapy with citalopram in the STAR-D trial and even after four levels of treatment almost 40% of patients had not achieved remission. Moreover the rates of relapse and recurrence were extremely high over a one year follow up period even in those who achieved remission.

Clinicians need to be educated about an adequate trial of antidepressants before seeing response and remission and deciding about switching or augmenting antidepressants.

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Type 2 Diabetes No-Nos: What NOT to do if you have type 2

2014-09-25 10:15

Whether you have been newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or have been dealing with the disease for many years, it is vital to have the proper knowledge of what type 2 diabetes is, how it is best treated and your role in managing your disease.

Diabetes, or diabetes mellitus, is a group of metabolic disorders in which the body is unable to produce any or enough insulin and/or to use it properly.

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Genome study uncovers 395 Ebola mutations: Why the discovery is so important

2014-09-15 19:16

Dr. Richard A. Stein, a research scientist and adjunct Biology professor explains in an EmaxHealth interview why recently discovered Ebola virus mutations can help us understand the deadly disease. He emphasizes the need for preparedness and rapid containment of Ebola virus in areas of outbreaks. The genome of Ebola has been changing in ways that can even make it undetectable with diagnostic testing.

Researchers publishing in the journal Science have traced the current Ebola outbreak to a funeral. They have also sequenced the genome of the virus, finding 395 Ebola virus mutations.

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Probiotics for Multiple Sclerosis

2014-09-12 09:06

Probiotics could have a positive role for people with multiple sclerosis. One probiotic in particular was explored in a small study to find out if could help with newly diagnosed MS.

Using probiotics for multiple sclerosis may sound like a crazy idea. Aren’t probiotics usually used for conditions that affect the intestinal tract?

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Seven Things You Need To Watch When Traveling Abroad

2014-09-09 14:38

Why watching the food, exercising and cleaning the mind is so important when traveling abroad. Jayne McAllister, of Jayne McAllister Travel Wellness shares 7 tips for travel wellness. Cher Murphy reports.

Travel Wellness Expert Offers Tips for Staying Healthy on Business Trips

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What's Key for Acne Sufferers to Avoid Shaving Cuts and Red Bumps

2014-09-09 13:52

While treatment is in process, shaving is an issue for people with Acne. Yet, it's the shaving cream, not razors that are key to avoiding nicks, cuts, red bumps and razor burn. Here are five shaving tips for acne sufferers and sensitive shavers. Michelle Tomao reports.

American men have been shaving every day for nearly a century.

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This Active Blogger Lived Without Facebook and Internet for 365 Days

2014-09-09 11:54

What happens to you when you give up Facebook and internet and live a normal life. How does one survive for an entire year? Here is one man's story, which was sent to EmaxHealth from Outside Magazine's Jacob Streiter.

No Twitter. No Facebook. No checking emails or newsfeeds. An entire year disconnected from the internet.

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Aspartame and Multiple Sclerosis, Bitter Connection

2014-09-09 06:10

Some evidence exists of a relationship between aspartame and multiple sclerosis. What do we know about the link between this common artificial sweetener and MS?

Not much has been written about a connection between aspartame and multiple sclerosis, although it is a topic that is frequently raised among those with MS.

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