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Which Child in this Video Will You Be This Easter?

2014-04-18 11:23
Easter Children

Random acts of kindness. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw this video. Then came irony. A less-positive thought that overshadowed my first as I began to read the comments listed under a YouTube video posted this spring about an eight-year-old boy who selflessly gave up a baseball to another, younger child.

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Japanese Cube and Heart-Shaped Watermelons: Are They Edible?

2014-04-18 04:32
Japanese heart-shaped watermelon

Watermelons are oh-so-delicious and so perfectly healthy, but they are also round and big and often impossible to fit into your fridge. Japan has taken the reins of changing its watermelon image however and has brought to the world the fruit in the shape of a cube and, of late, as a heart.

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Doctors Share 7 Biggest Fertility Misconceptions People Have

2014-04-15 11:23
Fertility Misconceptions

In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week on April 20-26, the physician team at Fertility Centers of Illinois shares the seven biggest fertility misconceptions they hear in their offices. These misconceptions align with recent national study results from Fertility & Sterility, where results showed that one-third of women didn’t understand the adverse effects of obesity on infertility and 40 percent were not familiar with the ovulatory cycle.

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