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Fungus in yogurt represents a possible threat to consumers

2014-07-11 20:45
Yogurt and milk

Contamination of food can cause very serious illnesses. Food poisoning can hit the very young and the very old particularly hard but has the capacity to cause a great deal of disability or to even be life threatening for anyone. Yogurt has surfaced as being a risk factor for fungal infection which represents a serious risk to the consumer.

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A new study shows no heart health benefit from drinking alcohol

2014-07-11 11:18
Drinking alcohol

Over the years there has been a great deal of enthusiasm among people who enjoy drinking alcohol about reports saying drinking in light to moderate amounts had been found to be good for your cardiovascular health. However, new research shows that drinking even light or moderate amounts of alcohol has no benefits for heart health.

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Lead concentration in kids’ blood is associated with behavioral and emotional problems

2014-07-10 17:39
A Chinese kid

There has been a great deal of concern over the years about the potential for adverse effects of exposure to lead on the brains of kids. Lead poisoning is a very serious and preventable cause of behavioral and emotional problems in kids. Recent research shows there is an association between blood concentration of lead and these serious problems in children.

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This Box May Cause Cancellation of Your Health Insurance Plan

2014-07-08 14:40
Patient and health insurance coverage

It’s been three months since I signed up for health insurance on the exchange under the ACA. I have not received my plan materials. I’ve checked the mail everyday anxiously waiting for an invoice, a card, or a brochure. Nothing ever came. I wondered what’s going on. Am I covered?

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Orgasms may enhance quality communication between couples

2014-07-07 22:23
Man and woman

People naturally have a keen interest in human sexuality. After all this is part of what makes us human beings. The association of orgasms and alcohol generally evokes negative images of sexual abuse and depression. However, there is an upside to a consideration of what orgasms may have to offer if you are in a good relationship. New research shows that orgasms may facilitate quality communication.

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Eating almonds is a delicious way to help keep your heart healthy

2014-07-07 11:04
A tasty snack with almonds

There has been a growing interest in how dietary factors effect the health of your heart. A heart healthy diet has evolved as consisting of a lot of fish, vegetables, and fruit with low consumption of red meat. New research shows that delicious almonds can be added to a heart healthy menu.

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