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Story of Mother with Cancer, Daughter with Autism and Selfless Love

2014-05-03 15:48
Mother of an Autistic Child

Recently I was given the opportunity to do something that I’ve always wanted to do, to interview parents of children with autism. The parents I met along the road are awe inspiring. These parents are each facing different struggles, with different hopes, different fears, and vastly different stories to tell.

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These Vitamin D-Rich Foods May Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer

2014-05-01 19:56
The vitamin D in salmon may help prevent prostate cancer

Women, tell your men to improve their intestinal absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate and zinc because this new study has found that vitamin D deficiency in men may be linked to more aggressive and advanced cases of prostate cancer.

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Hope in Humanity Restored: Cafe Customers Protect Autistic Child

2014-05-01 14:14
Protecting children with Autism

Thought the world often seems cruel and few seem to understand us, certain events lead us to have restored faith in humanity's ability to act in a humane manner. Having an autistic child does not mean one is to be locked up at home, barely leaving the nest to catch a breath of air and hiding those with autism as if they were lepers with a contagious disease. Too often, we keep to ourselves, preferring to shy away from society and the cruel stares/comments we are sure to receive.

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Deception In Allergy Care: Recognize the Signs of Fraud

2014-05-01 12:07
Signs of allergy fraud

Allergy testing and immunotherapy schemes continue to pop up in primary care practices across the country, exposing patients and families to substandard diagnosis and treatment as well as raising the potential for fraudulent billing. But there are deceptions too and here is how to recognize the signs of fraud.

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Certified Nutritionist's 7 Delicious Foods for a Flatter Belly

2014-04-30 17:43
Almonds and 6 other foods for flat belly

With summer beach season approaching, many of us are shelving our beloved snacks and reaching for the celery sticks. But you shouldn’t have to torture yourself for that flatter belly. There are at least 7 delicious foods, including almonds and yogurts that can help with weight loss.

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