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Coffee, Heartburn and Your Stomach

2015-01-21 12:28

Americans love the taste, aroma, and even the health benefits of coffee. What some people experience but can do without are the heartburn and associated stomach problems.

Approximately 83 percent of Americans drink coffee, says the National Coffee Association (NCA), and the latest figures from the NCA is that 61 percent consume it daily.

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Why you need to get up and move more even if you hit the gym every day

2015-01-19 22:41

More research shows sitting for too long can shorten lifespan, even for those who hit the gym every day. The finding means it's important to get up and move frequently to prevent chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer and more.

Results of the new study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found that risk of death from cancer, diabetes and hear

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New diet claims to switch off fat genes for zero belly fat

2015-01-09 18:26

There is a new diet that promises zero belly fat and sixteen pounds of weight loss in just two weeks. The Zero Belly Diet claims to switch off your fat genes through specific combinations of foods.

The diet is the brainchild of David Zinczenko who says he's done his homework about how to get rid of belly fat, which is the worst kind for promoting disease.

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What It Means to be a Runner

2015-01-03 16:17

“This year I am going to run my first full marathon." "I’m going to make sure I run every single day." "New Year, new me: Couch to 5k, here I come!” Sound like any resolutions of yours? If so, there are a couple of things you must know before you start your New Year as a runner and attempt to adopt the running lifestyle, because there is so much more to being a runner than simply running.

To simplify things, let’s break down the world into two groups: runners and non-runners. The separation into these two groups seems simple, but it makes all the difference.

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Value of Vitamin B12 for Multiple Sclerosis

2014-12-11 06:55

Vitamin B12 deficiency is a problem frequently associated with the elderly, a form of anemia, Crohn’s disease, and vegans. Another group that should be conscious of the value of vitamin B12 are those who live with multiple sclerosis.

People with multiple sclerosis are more likely to have a deficiency of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) than are individuals without this disease.

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Diabetes-Friendly Guide To Holiday Dinners and Parties

2014-12-09 10:44

Food plays a major role in holiday parties, and having diabetes shouldn’t mean that you can’t participate in the festivities.

Doctor Karin Hehenberger, the founder of Lyfebulb, an organization dedicated to helping individuals with chronic conditions invest in themselves and achieve their optimal lifestyle, has easy tips t

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Mediterranean diet just might keep our DNA younger

2014-12-02 21:31

We all know we're going to grow older, but doing so gracefully is a challenge. Researchers have discovered eating a Mediterranean diet could have an anti-aging effect that happens at a cellular level. In a first study, scientists have discovered something new about why eating Mediterranean foods like olives, plenty of veggies, healthy oils, nuts, seafood and lean meats just might help keep our DNA younger and healthier.

The Mediterranean diet continually outshines other types of diets when it comes to promoting health.

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Top Parental Recommended Books on Autism to Gift in 2014

2014-12-01 16:33

With the holiday season kicking off it’s time to start coming up with gift ideas, for everyone and in this story we recommend number of parent-recommended books on Autism.

Some families may have a family member that constantly nitpicks no matter how many times you tell her, “He is fine, he

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Where Should Families Start to Find Affordable Health Insurance?

2014-12-01 13:57

As most people in America now know, if you are 64 or younger, you are subject to the new Affordable Care Act. The marketplace can be difficult to navigate, and most folks who are not savvy about the ins and outs of these new health insurance plans or about the ACA itself may become frustrated by the plethora of information available that is not easily consolidated into an understandable format.

Most folks who find themselves above the 138% federal poverty level (a 2014 annual household income guideline ranging from $16,105/yr. to $55,324/yr.

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