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The Affordable is Neither as Great as You Think, Nor as Awful as You Think

2014-07-24 12:21
Affordable Health Care Act

This in-dept story about the Affordable Health Care Act discusses where people have been helped in terms of finding affordable health insurance and where people have bee hurt. It provides facts and allows the reader to formulate his or her own opinion.

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These cigarette warning labels have an impact on quitting

2014-07-23 12:06
Don't smoke

Although profits for businesses of their choice obviously override any real health concerns in the minds many powerful lawmakers, it has fortunately been established that cigarette warning labels have an impact on quitting.

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Update: Courts play 'ping-pong' with Obamacare subsidies

2014-07-22 12:46
What this federal court ruling means to millions who could lose their health care

The Federal court ruled today that millions should be ineligible for low-income health insurance subsidy. In an effort to stomp out Obamacare, the court said the IRS has misinterpreted the language of the Affordable Health Care Act, ruling that they cannot offer low-income subsidies.

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So You Registered for Your First 5k, Now What?

2014-07-22 11:17
Running 5K

To a lot of beginning runners, successfully completing your first 5k is a lofty and hopeful goal. Even loftier, is the expectation of crossing the finish line of this first race on your feet – rather than crawling or being carried across it. It’s an understandably intimidating goal, but certainly not an impossible one, and achieving it will be an exhilarating accomplishment that reflects your dedication, physical fitness, and mental strength.

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If you think exercise is fun it will help you lose weight better

2014-07-21 11:27
Having fun exercising

The obesity epidemic has a lot of people justifiably more concerned than ever before about their weight. Being overweight and obese can be killers. The increasing awareness of the potential for harmful side effects from many diet pills has more people than ever looking towards exercise and eating nutritious low fat, low calorie foods as the best way to help them maintain a healthy weight. New research has shown if you think fun things while you are exercising you may eat less later.

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The Controversy Surrounding New Treatments for Depression: 2 Trends

2014-07-21 10:10
Mental Depression Can Be Treated

Depression is a highly treatable disease, affecting millions of Americans today. Every so often, you'll hear about a new treatment method promising to cure this disorder. That can be exciting news to a person suffering from depression. This story discusses two of the latest trends in treating depression.

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The Importance of Hydration: Before, During, and After a Run

2014-07-21 09:36
Hydration during Running

A lot of things influence personal performance during a run. A healthy diet, consistent training, adequate sleep, appropriate clothing & gear, and proper form name some of the factors that have the potential to help or hinder running performance. With the heat of summer in full swing, sufficient hydration is pivotal in maintaining efficient and continually successful runs. This includes keeping your body hydrated before a run, during a run, and even after the completion of one.

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