Obese In Alabama To Pay More For Health Insurance Coverage

2008-08-29 08:56

Alabama employees who are overweight will need to lose weight, or else they will have to pay more for already less affordable health insurance coverage because of excess weight. This new Alabama health insurance law is introduced by State Employees' Insurance Board and will take effect in January 2011.

All working Alabama adults will be required to receive four additional screenings to define health insurance premiums. The screening will check for cholesterol levels, blood pressure, glucose levels, and body mass index (BMI). These are the most common risk factors that cost huge amount of money for the state to cure. Alabama officials now aim at reducing health care costs and they are going to do that by penalizing obese employees making them to pay more for health insurance coverage if they don't follow a healthy lifestyle. This seems to be fair to me, everyone contributes to the system, but according to his or her lifestyle choices.

As of January 2011 obese employees will pay $25 more than normal-weighted ones. A similar law already is going for smokers in Alabama, who pay $24 more than others do, and starting September 2008 the fee will increase to $25.

Such actions may sound very rood, but state officials don't just penalize the overweight by making them to pay more for health insurance, they offer a 2 period time for overweight adults to get in shape before implementing the health insurance coverage law. Employees will be offered programs, such as Weight Watchers and YMCA discounts, to lose excess weight.


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