Phil Mickelson Adopts Vegetarian Diet Due to Arthritis

2010-08-14 14:10

At a press conference at the 2010 PGA Championship this week, Masters winner and number 2 ranked golfer in the world Phil Mickelson has publicly announced that he is being treated for psoriatic arthritis and has adopted a healthier lifestyle to deal with the symptoms, including following a vegetarian diet.

Arthritis itself means “inflammation of the joints”, although the cause can come from several factors. Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is an autoimmune disease that affects between 6 and 42% of people with psoriasis, a skin disease that causes itchy or sore patches of thick, red skin with silvery scales.

According to reports, Mickelson first developed symptoms right before the US Open. He says that he woke up in so much pain he could not walk and the symptoms continued to progress. “It was (in) my Achilles and my piriformis muscle, my left index finger was sprained and I couldn’t bend it, and my right wrist was sprained; and there was no injury and it got worse.”


Phil began a weekly treatment with the injectable medication Enbrel (etanercept), prescribed to relieve the symptoms by blocking the activity of a body substance that causes inflammation. In addition, he has begun a regular exercise program to improve muscle strength and joint mobility.

The biggest change in the golfer’s lifestyle was the adoption of a vegetarian diet seven weeks ago. He reports that he eats a “lot of fruits and vegetables and some whole grain wheat and pastas and stuff.” He admits the change has been difficult, but “if it will somehow keep this (arthritis) in remission or stop it from coming back, yeah, I’ll be able to do it.”


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Vegan diet is absolutely great. Why? because it is easy, delicious, stronger and definitely healthier...
I have not changed one thing, food/drink, moderation, key word, and have been as "normal" as can be for a 68 year old former Olympic hockey player. I have been on Enbrel for more than 4-5 years, for my Soriatic arthritis, and continue to play oldtimer hockey, and golf most every day. My "shot spread" has been as high as 17 days but has settled in at 12-13 days. Great drug so far, abit pricey, but with various "help", manageable.
Like Phil, I too am on Embrel and cant live with out it. I am a Pro Drummer and play part time at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, and Teach Music. Prior to my taking Embrel my life and Drumming Career came to a Hault. Anyone thinking they cant do the injections please know it's Easy and becomes a Breeze and in time the benefits out weighs the fear . I Love Embrel and have gotton my life back due to this Wonderful drug .
Wheat (and other grains) are probably exactly what he SHOULD NOT be eating! Paleo diet is very anti-inflammatory and is what we are evolved to eat. Meat is not inflammatory - but grains, sugar, (even too much sweet fruit) are!
Yes, I agree. I recently started on the Paleo diet and it has really improved my regular arthritis that makes my back a big problem (chronic pain for 30 years). The anti-inflammatory benefits of the Paleo diet are having very big benefits for my back pain. And do not forget to cut out any legumes. To be honest I do not think you can follow a vegetarian diet and be very healthy. There are a lot of animals that would die if fed a vegetarian diet (your house cat is one). The research on this diet is very strong.