Father-to-Be on Father's Day? Tips for Staying Healthy

2010-06-18 15:01

Being an expectant mother is easy to spot, after all – you are the one with the tell-tale baby bump and the ever-growing hips (among other body parts). But picking out expectant dads is a little tougher.

This year alone, there will be 4.2 million expectant fathers, and according to a new book by Doctors Michel Hakakha MD and Ari Brown MD, they are much more involved than ever before. So much so, that they’ve come up with a name – the Couvade Syndrome.

Couvade syndrome is also called sympathetic pregnancy. It is the condition in which a husband or partner of an expectant mother experiences some of the same symptoms and behaviors as the mom-to-be, such as weight gain, nausea, insomnia, and even (in extreme cases) labor pains.

In their book “Expecting 411”, Drs. Hakakha and Brown offer advice to hundreds of the most pressing questions about pregnancy and birth. While the majority of the book is geared to expectant mothers, they do offer these 7 tips especially for expectant dads:

Mind your own baby bump. Are you eating for two right along with your wife? Newsflash: Your wife will lose a lot of her weight automatically when she has the baby--you won't! Studies show expectant fathers often gain extra pounds of "sympathy weight" during their wife's pregnancy.

Take one for the team. Get your TdaP shot as well as seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccines to protect your precious cargo, who will soon be joining the family. Seventy percent of babies who get whooping cough are infected by immediate family members like you.


Baby yourself. Have you even been to the doc lately? Studies show many men ages 25-45 don't even have a primary care physician. Go get a checkup. Find out how you're doing, healthwise. Your baby needs a healthy dad who will grow old and wise.


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