Uninsured Legal Immigrants Forcibly Sent Home For Treatment

2008-05-22 09:28

In Arizona if a patient does not have a health insurance coverage, but may be legal or illegal immigrant, there is a good chance the patient will be sent back to his or her home country to receive treatment. This happens to hundreds of legal and illegal immigrants in Arizona without health insurance as hundreds are being sent to their home country sometimes against their will to receive treatment.

No it's not the police or vigilantes, but some of the hospitals that are sending back uninsured immigrants. In fact the Police and the FBI have intervened to keep those patients in the United States, reports ABC News.

"In some cases, the FBI and police, responding to allegations of kidnapping, have been called in to halt such forcible removals, according to patients' lawyers. In one recent case, a sick baby who is a U.S. citizen born to an illegal immigrant was being transferred by helicopter to a waiting air ambulance for a flight to a hospital in Mexico when Tucson police intervened and brought the child back to the hospital."

Did you read that word "kidnapping?" While the story does not make a reference who is the one who does it, but it's some of the hospitals, that despite their will are sending even a U.S. citizen born to an illegal immigrant without having health insurance coverage back to the parent's home country for treatment despite patient's will. Do we now have to classes of U.S. citizens?

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The story goes on to say that "As a result, state hospitals are pressured to transport non-citizens, even if they're legally in the U.S., at the hospitals' expense, back to their home countries, at a cost of up to $100,000." Apparently it makes sense to pay up to &100,000 dollars to transfer the uninsured patient against his or her will to a home country, but not spend that money to provide treatment or to provide health insurance coverage?

How many health insurance plans can one buy for up to $100,000 dollars?


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I personally experienced several incidents where an illegal was taken in for treatment before I was because of their status. Arizona hospitals are required to treat everyone, but they scrutinize who can pay and who can't. I had to prove I could pay for the service either personally or through some kind of insurance before I could be treated. The illegals don't have to, they can be treated with no repercussion. If they don't pay no one goes after them for the bill, if I don't pay they garnish my wages and sqeeze everything they can out of me.