3 Simple Natural Remedies To Reverse Prediabetes Right Away

Feb 15 2017 - 9:11pm
Prediabetes treatment naturally

Pre-diabetes is reversible and easy to remedy with three natural treatments that you can begin immediately.

Statistics show that 70-80 million Americans--that’s anywhere from three to sixteen percent of the general population, in both the United States and Canada, are insulin resistant. You may hear your doctor refer to this condition as “impaired fasting glucose” or IFG. This is just another term for insulin resistance or Pre-diabetes.

You are diagnosed as pre-diabetic when your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not necessarily raised enough to refer to you as “diabetic.” However, Pre-diabetes is your body alerting you to hidden dangers, since those diagnosed with the condition are more prone to becoming Type 2 Diabetics as well as candidates for heart attacks and strokes. Luckily, there are three natural treatments to reverse pre-diabetes effectively.

Pre-diabetes Means Your Liver Is Fat

Pre-diabetes is insulin resistance, which in a nutshell means that you are dealing with a fatty liver. Put simply, insulin resistance or, fatty liver, occurs when the pancreas becomes so overburdened due to the liver not being able to do its job, and because the liver is also overburdened.

Is Pre-Diabetes An Epidemic?

If you’d call fifty percent of the U.S. population diabetic, according to a study released on the prevalence of Diabetes in the U.S. by JAMA, then yes, diabetes is certainly an epidemic.

What confuses most people about a pre-diabetes diagnosis is that you don’t have to be overweight or obese to be diagnosed with the condition. In fact, you can be stick-thin, but as long as you’re eating a high processed food and high protein diet that includes dairy, you are a candidate for the condition. This is due to the fact that high protein diets contain fat, no matter what type of animal protein you’re eating, and is a major contributor to the take-down of your liver.

Reversing Pre-Diabetes Is Not Difficult

The good news is, pre-diabetes is ridiculously easy to fix. In fact, pre-diabetes is the only type of diabetes patients have a full measure of control over. Most people who are diagnosed with the condition are told to cut out bad foods and to exercise by practitioners. While this may help the condition in the short term, there are more permanent natural treatments for reversing pre-diabetes that you can start on today:

1. First and foremost, bad sugar has got to go. This includes everything from refined white sugar in your coffee, to eliminating all processed foods from the diet, particularly dairy. Dairy is more than just a bad sugar. It is by far the worst sugar of them all. Lactose, the sugar derived from dairy makes table sugar look like a joke, because lactose actually binds to fat in the intestinal tract. This is why lactose -- a sugar, is low on the glycemic index. This little-known fact makes lactose a more dangerous sugar than simple sugar. What’s more, research confirms cow’s milk is instrumental in contributing to Type 1 diabetes. Generally, dairy can max out a pancreas like nothing else, simply because of its ability to link on to fat. In the end, avoiding dairy is another effective natural treatment to reverse Pre-diabetes as it may also feed pathogens from viruses that cause Type 1 diabetes.



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