Senior Citizens Have Highest Suicide Rate

2010-09-09 10:32

The highest suicide rate of any age group occurs among those aged 65 and older. There is an average of one suicide among the elderly every 90 minutes which suggests that senior citizens have the highest suicide rate.

Suicide prevention awareness campaign to combat senior citizen high suicide rates.

To combat this growing problem, organizations are launching a statewide suicide prevention and awareness that will focus on the elderly and their caregivers.

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Researchers are trying to uncover the reason for the high rate of suicide in seniors. Some researchers say factors such as lack of social support, poor sleep patterns, and memory or other problems contribute to the suicide rate.

So many of today’s seniors believe in keeping a “tiff upper lip” when it comes to mental health and do not seek help. Often, when asked how they are feeling you may hear about aching joints, but they're far less likely than younger people to admit to depression, said Anderson, a geriatric psychiatrist in Cambridge, Md.

Dr. Yeates Conwell, a University of Rochester specialist in elderly suicide stated, "We tend to seek the simple solution: Mr. Smith killed himself because his wife died or Mrs. Jones killed herself because she was diagnosed with cancer," but that's seldom the real reason, he said. "We have to go beyond simple explanations and start looking ... at the tapestry of older people's lives."


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