Moringa oleifera, Next Superfood or Super Hype?

2012-04-14 10:28

When a supplement appears to come out of nowhere and is suddenly promoted in the media, as on the Dr. Oz Show, as a superfood, perhaps one should pause and ask, is this hype? At least one company is hoping for the former, as Paul Taitt, VP of sales and marketing for Moringa Sources, which makes products that contain Moringa oleifera, noted, “we are very excited about the Dr Oz show, as we are hoping that it will shine a light on this amazing superfood and really cause an explosion in demand.”

Superfoods are big business

Many foods are labeled as “superfoods,” including blueberries, acai berries, chia seeds, goji berries, and green tea, among others, depending on which expert you believe and which list you consult. But there are several important factors consumers should consider when they hear the words “superfood.”

One, is there scientific evidence to back up the claims, and have the studies been conducted in people? If Superfood X kills cancer cells in a petri dish and Superfood Y helps fruit flies live longer, yet there are no relevant studies to show their effects in humans, keep that in mind when you are thinking about buying the food or supplement.

Two, who stands to gain from the sudden hype about a so-called superfood? Some superfoods are readily available and reasonably priced; for example, you don’t need to look far to find blueberries and other similar berries. However, other food products touted as superfoods are specialty items, and are available only from a few supplement makers.

Moringa oleifera
Take Moringa oleifera, for example. M. oleifera, also known as the horseradish tree, drumstick tree, and various other names, is a tree native to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, but which is widely cultivated throughout Africa, tropical Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific Islands. All parts of the tree are edible and have been used for centuries to meet medicinal and dietary needs by people living in those areas.


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Try the best quality moringa leaf capsule. The best is made in Thailand.
I drink moringa in my smoothie everyday and I feel very very fine ...I'm from the phillipines and moringa is. everywhere. we consider these tree as a natures multivitamins. ..try it yourself so that you know why? ???
Cesar, thank you for sharing your experience with moringa. Nature does provide us with some spectacular ways to stay healthy, doesn't it!
For many years, scientists have tried to keep this plant in it's pure form and make something effacacious out of it. There is only one company whose owner and scientists are using the most effacacious variety of Moringa Oleifera, (there are something like 58 varietals) and only this one company has been able to keep it 100% bioavailable. All others that I know of are using only the leaves, when the other parts of the plant add the highest content. I don't want a drug or a synthetic made out of it, I want it in it's purest form. It isn't intended to treat cure or even mitigate. It is intended as a whole food.
Hello, can you tell me where to purchase from this company. Thank you!
Can you tell me what company?? I would really like to try this!
Please send me your email address and let me know what you want to see results for. I am a distributor for zija international they have been able to bring moringa from seed to your home being enzamaticaly alive bio available and cell ready. I have had amazing results. ...Debbie. ...Namaste
More info on moringa pls