How Wood Can Make You Sick and How To Stay Safe

2013-08-01 08:59

As you sit on your wood outdoor deck while eating food you prepared using a wood cutting board and your children play on equipment made with wood beams, does it ever cross your mind that the wood could make you or your family sick? Here are some things you should know about some wood products and how to stay safe.

Is the wood in your life safe?

You and your family probably come into contact with wood and wood products in a variety of ways every day, so I have chosen a few of the more common ones that could have an impact on your health. Let’s start with wood cutting boards.

Cutting boards can be a vehicle for bacteria involved in food poisoning, which is why it is critical that you clean any cutting boards you use for food preparation to avoid cross contamination. For example, if you have used a board to cut raw meat or fish, you should use another board to cut vegetables.

In other words, one cutting board is not enough. But should those cutting boards be wood or plastic?

According to the University of Tennessee, if you think the answer is “plastic” because wood is porous and thus more difficult to get and keep clean, research does not necessarily support your guess. For example, the University noted that one study concluded that plastic and wood cutting boards are about equal when it comes to food safety.

If you want to use a wood cutting board that meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Code for restaurants and other food-handling facilities, then you should get one that is made of “hard maple or an equivalently hard, close-grained wood,” and the same goes for “cutting blocks, bakers tables, and utensils such as rolling pins, doughnut dowels, salad bowls, and chopsticks.”

Regardless of what your cutting boards are made of (and there are glass and stainless steel as well), you should always use a different one for raw animal-based foods and a different one for produce and similar items. You should also wash and dry your cutting boards after every use.


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