Green Tea Slows Weight Gain, Fights Obesity

2011-10-07 06:13

Brew some green tea, drink lots of it, and you might have an effective way to slow weight gain and fight obesity. Scientists at Pennsylvania State University found that green tea significantly slows weight gain in obese mice fed a high-fat diet.

Green tea compound also limits fat absorption

Green tea has been credited with a number of health benefits, including an ability to fight cancer, assist with weight loss, reduce the risk of heart disease, and help strengthen bones. These benefits are attributed to the high levels of polyphenols (30-40%) found in green tea.

Polyphenols are chemicals found in plants that have antioxidant properties. The four main polyphenols in green tea are epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epigallocatechin (EGC), epicatechin gallate (ECG), and epicatechin (EC). In the Penn State study, EGCG was the polyphenol fed to the mice.

Two groups of obese mice were used in the experiment. Both groups were on a high-fat diet, but one group was given EGCG as well. The mice in the EGCG group gained weight 45% more slowly than did the control mice. According to Joshua Lambert, assistant professor of food science in the College of Agricultural Sciences, “Our results suggest that if you supplement with EGCG or green tea you gain weight more slowly.”

Another benefit was that the mice consuming EGCG had a nearly 30% increase in fat in their feces, which suggests the green tea compound limits fat absorption. Lambert noted that “First, EGCG reduces the ability to absorb fat and, second, it enhances the ability to use fat.”


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Great news for a simple weight loss intervention. Thanks!
Green tea also works on fighting tooth decay. Read an interesting book by Mao's doctor who discussed Mao's obsession with the curative powers of green tea. Of course if you talk to someone from China they will probably tell you you do not have the" right" green tea--my in-laws were pretty particular on where the tea came from in such and such province.
Having a Chinese for a friend, I became interested with green tea. It helps me lose weight. From 80 kilo, I’m down to 60. Check out my blog for articles I’ve researched about the wonders of green tea. –Zoe-