Cat Food Recall by Diamond Pet Foods Hits 25 States

2013-03-14 06:25

A cat food recall has been issued by Diamond Pet Foods for certain types of their dry cat and kitten food. Pet parents in 25 states should check their purchases of these products, listed below, which have been recalled because of possible low levels of thiamine (vitamin B1).

Which cat foods have been recalled?

First, pet parents should know that no health issues have been associated with the cat foods involved in the recall. Diamond Pet Foods has tested its other cat food products for thiamine deficiency as well. For more information about thiamine and thiamine deficiency, see below (“Why cats need thiamine”).

Only dry cat and dry kitten foods with certain Best By dates and Production Codes have been recalled. You can see the complete list, including the specific states in which the recall is relevant, on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recall website.


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