Bounce Dryer Sheets Repel Gnats, Mosquitoes

2010-12-27 07:41

Although it may be too cold to worry about gnats and mosquitoes, here’s some information you may want to remember about how to keep away these pests come summer. A new report from researchers at Kansas State University states that Bounce® dryer sheets repel fungus gnats.

Dryer sheets contain compounds found in plants

Raymond Cloyd and colleagues conducted five replicated experiments to put to rest once and for all claims by gardeners that Bounce fabric sheets repel pests like mosquitoes and gnats. Specifically the researchers used the Outdoor Fresh Scent™ variety of Bounce to make their determination.

“In all five experiments, the mean proportion of fungus gnat adults collected in the sample compartments containing the dryer sheets were significantly fewer,” reported Cloyd, “ranging from 12% to 18%.” This compared with 33% to 48% of the gnats in the compartments without the dryer sheets.

Of special interest is what the researchers found when they analyzed the volatile compounds in the dryer sheets. Using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, they uncovered high levels of beta-citronellol, a compound found in citronella, lemon balm, and rose geranium, and known for its ability to repel mosquitoes.


They also uncovered linalool, a compound present in basil, marjoram, and lavender and known to be toxic to various mites and insects.

In another recent study, a research team evaluated the amount of personal protection against mosquitoes provided by citronella, linalool, and geraniol in candles and diffusers. Indoors, the repellency rate of citronella diffusers was 68%, for geraniol diffusers 97%, and for linalool diffusers 93%.


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