4 Reasons Adults Should Play Video Games

2013-03-07 06:13

Video games often get a bad rap, and for many adults, especially parents, the negatives about the games for kids are their violent nature and mind-numbing effects. But not all video games are alike, and according to some research studies, there are some good reasons why adults should play video games. Therefore, here are 4 of those reasons.

4 reasons why adults should play video games

Playing video games is not just for fun, according to a number of studies of the impact of gaming on adults. In fact, pushing those buttons may be a pathway to physical and emotional health. Here’s what the research shows.

[1] Video games support emotional health. Among older adults, those who play video games report higher levels of well-being and emotional health. At least that’s the finding from North Carolina State University when 140 older adults (age 63 and older) talked about their participation in video games.

These older folks are no slackers: 61 percent played video games at least once in a while, and 35 percent enjoyed them at least once a week. The researchers found that older adults who played video games, even if only occasionally, reported higher levels of well-being than those who shunned the games.

In fact, the older adults who did not play video games had higher levels of depression than their game-playing peers. The fun and games aren’t over, as the researchers have decided to study if playing these games can improve the mental health of older adults.