21 Factors That May Increase the Risk of Divorce

2010-07-17 11:08

Approximately half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, according to Divorce Magazine, but that’s much better than Sweden, where the divorce rate is 64 percent. In Canada, 45 percent of marriages end in divorce, compared with 26 percent in Israel, 18 percent in Greece, and only 12 percent in Italy. So what are some of the warning factors that can increase the chance a marriage will end in divorce?

Anneli Rufus, an author and journalist who researched studies that explored the factors that indicate a couple is headed for a divorce, recently accumulated a list of warning signs, but these are by no means the only ones investigators have uncovered.


Factors Associated with Divorce
You are more likely to divorce:


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Many women are rude especilly one stayed in one area before togather.
If race, religion, profession, and language match up, there is lesser chance for divorce.
lack of trust