This Autistic Father Proves Autism may Make You Different, but Not Less

May 8 2014 - 7:42pm
Autism Father Ian

The gentleman that I was lucky enough to interview today has a very unique point of view when it comes to autism. He is an extremely enormous well of knowledge. He works to raise awareness for autism, a disorder very dear to both of our hearts, every day. He is a man to be respected, one to be humbled by, and he is a remarkable father and husband. Rivaled by next to none.

Some Background Information

Mr. Ian Hughes is a father of 3 living in Wolverhampton, England. He is originally from Wales. Ian’s oldest is his daughter, Jennifer, she is 24. He then has Zack, who is 8 and has autism, and Toby is his youngest at 4. He has been married to his wife, Kerri, for over a decade. Ian has led an extremely interesting life. He has worked as an Engineer, Welder, Machinist, he has ran a hotel, and he has ran exhibitions. Now he is retired and a full time, active autism advocate with several online autism support groups that he runs, including one he has ran with me and one other lady, Nunu, for the last year. Ian has the most unique view of autism that I know, not only is he raising an autistic child but he himself is autistic.

Brooke: Hello Ian! I am so glad you allowed me to do this interview with you! Your story is especially touching, pulls on my heartstrings. Let’s not get a head of ourselves though, shall we start with the basics. Tell me, Ian, what is Zack’s official diagnosis? Does he have any diagnosed co-morbid disorders?

Ian: Zack is diagnosed as moderate to severe. He also has Klinefelter Syndrome and Epilepsy, as well as a few others. He has also had cancer. [Leukemia] [Now cured]

Brooke: That is exactly what I mean. Pulls right on your heart. I cannot imagine how it felt to be in your wife and your shoes. You two are so strong. I know there must have been a million different emotions flying around, but, if you had to pick one defining emotion that you felt whenever you first heard that Zack had autism what would you say it was? Do you have a reason why?

Ian: It didn’t really affect me at all honestly! We were fighting his cancer and fighting to keep him alive at the time! The ASD was minor in comparison! So, I guess numb would have to be the closest.

Brooke: Being numb is a completely normal reaction to what your all went through. I am just glad he is OK now. I don’t mean to jump topics, but I wanted to ask, did the doctor(s) diagnose his autism right off the bat or did Zack go through several misdiagnoses?

Ian: Actually, they wondered why it took so long to ask for the diagnosis. Zack never had to be ‘assessed’! They had all known him for years and told us it was plainly obvious!

Brooke: I see, so, what age is Zack? Would you mind telling how your family dynamics are?

Ian: Zack is 9. We are still a fully functioning family unit, including younger bro! But the pressures of all of if, cancer most of all, have caused us to come close to splitting on many an occasion! Currently, we had a ‘blip’ after his latest diagnosis [epilepsy], but we are strong!

Brooke: My son has seizures too. Has had since he was a day old. No matter how long you deal with them they remain scary as can be. I can’t think of much more that is harder to deal with, I am going to ask you what’s been the hardest part about raising Zack. How have you coped with it? You could tell me a short story about it if you want



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So the father has Autism too? If not this sound not say Autistic father.
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