Autism in Military Families: Talking to a Serviceman's Wife about their Son

May 12 2014 - 12:14pm
Robyn's Autistic Precious Son

Until I did this interview I had never stopped and thought about autism in military families. How hard it has to be for the husbands or wives that have spouses serving, them becoming almost single parents at the drop of a dime [currenting Robyn’s husband is away for 4 months]. Interviewing Robyn brought this plight to my attention. I have so much more respect for the spouses of servicemen and women. The things that these families have to take control of, on their own, when their spouses are deployed or out of town on work. When you then throw autism into the mix you have the recipe to create an almost invincible parent. I didn’t think they existed, Robyn Day has proved to me that they do. She is one of them.

Some Background Information

Mrs. Robyn Day’s story is one that leaves you with the urge to find her and shake her hand. You feel like you have to find this remarkable woman and convey your admiration for her because of everything she has been through. Robyn is from Colorado and is the mother of 2. Her son, Jack, is 12 and has severe autism. She also has a daughter, Zoe, who is 11 and “neurotypical”. Robyn’s family is astounding. They are a military family. Her husband is a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army. I can’t think of a more honorable family. I have come to refer to Robyn as one of the few “seasoned” mothers of autistic children out there.

Brooke: Let’s start with getting to know your family dynamics. What age is Jack now? Could you tell us a little about his dad? Do other children live in your home?

Robyn: Well, Jack is 12 now. I am married to an Army helicopter pilot and we also have a typical 11 year daughter. Thankfully, my husband has never been deployed, but, he does travel out of the country and his job is demanding. However, we do all live together at home.

Brooke: I bet having a husband in service is very hard on you Robyn. I commend him for his service though! I know Jack is your child with autism, but what is his actual diagnosis? Does he have any distinguishing co-morbid disorders that you know of?

Robyn: He has severe autism, was diagnosed at age 2 ½. A year half ago he did receive a co-morbid of generalized anxiety disorder.

Brooke: He was diagnosed young! Did the doctor(s) diagnose it right off the bat or did he go through several misdiagnoses as a lot of parents do?

Robyn: We went to a family Dr. at about age two. He wanted to wait and see, but I knew. 6 months later we got the diagnosis from the specialists at Children’s Hospital.

Brooke: A mom always knows. That is how it went with my son all those years ago too. Hearing that diagnosis is never easy, If you had to pick one defining emotion that you felt whenever you first heard that Jack has autism what would you say it was? Why?

Robyn: I was scared! He was diagnosed very young. I had an 8 month old as well. We lived in a small town and I kept thinking that my husband is in the military how was I going to get services? Could I handle doing this on my own, as my husband is away a lot!

Brooke: I would be scared too, scratch that, I’d be petrified. Another testament to how unbelievable you are. I always like to find out how other parents unwind. You know, a lot of us have one thing that we accredit most of our sanity still being intact to. What would your one thing be?



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I love this interview. I know the Day family personally and they are AMAZING!! I worked with Jack one on one for most of his elementary education. He has taught me things that have opened my eyes to a totally different world. Jack is an awesome young man. Josh and Robyn you should be very proud of both of your children. Miss Angela
Thank you for your kind words! You were Jack's first 'buddy' in this world and now a such a special friend to our family!
This is a very moving story. I can understand how hard it must be if your husband leaves for several months at a time for training. You are a very strong woman. Great article by Brooke Price.
I am in a similar situation with a six year old could have written our story.Its early on for us, but I hope we do as well as you all have, regards Susan