Meditation in small amounts has powerful impact on stress

2014-07-03 18:20

A new study reveals that meditation in small amounts can still have a powerful impact on stress. The research, published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, mentions that mindfulness meditation for 25 minutes for three days in a row is enough to alleviate stress. This contradicts previous ideas about people needing to spend a significant amount of time meditating every week to achieve results.

Meditating for 25 minutes a day to cut stress

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The study may encourage more people to consider meditation to help fight stress in their daily lives because it does not require weeks or months for benefits to appear. Researchers have discovered that mindfulness meditation is able to relieve stress without a long time commitment. However, there are other beneficial elements that need to be considered.

Benefits of mindfulness meditation

Previous research has already determined that mindfulness meditation can reduce stress while improving cognitive performance. The new study has determined a more reasonable time frame for people who are interested in pursuing the practice but may not be able to dedicate a significant amount of their schedule to it. Mindfulness meditation offers benefits that also include improved concentration and better overall health. It has been linked to positive changes in both mental and physical well-being.


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