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Ever wondered how they come up with Autism Prevalence Numbers?

2014-08-20 22:12
Autism Prevalence Numbers

The Autism Prevalence Numbers are shocking every other year when they are released. We always think that Autism numbers couldn’t get any higher, that they could not increase anymore. Yet we are always proven wrong.

I use to be extremely emotional over it. As my son has aged I have become exceedingly detached to it emotionally and more preoccupied with it mentally.

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Cause for Autism Sub-Type Found: What Does this Mean for Parents?

2014-07-16 17:29
Autism sub-type cause found

The autism community is yet again left in awe by science as we are finally given reason to have hope that this disorder will be researched properly. A collaborative study between 34 researchers from 13 institutions worldwide has found the first distinct genetic basis for autism.

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Does the Gluten Free - Casein Free Diet Have a Place in the Autism Community?

2014-06-02 12:43
Gluten Free Food

Surely we have all heard of using a Gluten Free Diet [GF], or Gluten Free-Casein Free Diet [GFCF] for Celiac Disease [CD]. It is a must for people with it. Ingesting Gluten for an individual who has CD can actually become very painful. How many people have heard of using a GFCF diets for autistic children?

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