Tips For Breeding Your Dog

2006-07-22 16:58

Choosing to breed your dog is a big decision and it is natural to feel a little uneasy about the process. These dog breeding tips will help things go smoothly and help you enjoy the entire process.

One of the most important steps is choosing the right mate for your dog. The mate you choose should possess the qualities you want to see carried on in the puppies. Both male and female should be healthy and possess no genetic faults that could jeopardize the health of the puppies.

Make sure the female is very healthy so that her pregnancy and birth are easier. Support her prior to breeding with excellent nutrition and supplements. Of course she should always have excellent nutrition, but a boost will help her energy and help her stay healthy during her pregnancy.

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Good record keeping on both the male and female can help increase your breeding success, but it is especially important with the female. You should keep a history folder on your female which records important dates such as when you first see signs of the bitch going into heat, any changes in behavior, and any medical issues.

You should also have a good working relationship with your veterinarian who can be a very helpful resource throughout the breeding process, during the pregnancy, during labor and of course once the pups are born.

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Male dogs have less reproductive problems than female dogs but they can be more difficult to correct. Anatomical defects, low sperm, and infection of the reproductive organs are the most common problems to watch for in a male dog. Hypothyroidism, arthritis of the spine, and Brucellosis should also be checked for in males that show no interest in breeding.

With the female, the main reason for failed breeding is wrong timing. Because of the length of time a female is in heat, without hormone tests it can be difficult to tell when the "right" time really is. Your vet has a variety of ways to test hormone levels to try to narrow down the best breading time, but at the end of the day it still really is hit and miss.


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can the female dog get pregnant even when you see no signs of bleeding??
i have a young bitch that has had no signs of bleeding and has tied with our male can she be pregnant without that show, she is only 8 months old and we didnt want puppies just yet.
My female show no signs of blood and got pregnant.
I would like to know IF the bitch STAYS in heat after being impregnated.
yes, heat period continues, and she can even be made pregnant by more than 1 male.
Yes! A female dog can become pregnant even after conception, & can sometimes concieve by being bred to more than one male dog, so keep her very close, throughout the entire heat cycle. My first dog I bred got pregnant on day 28 of her cycle, so be very careful, if you don't want pups!
I mated my DOGUE de BORDEAUX on the 10th 11th&14th day of her season the on the 19th day I seen her lock with another dog of mine the other 3 mattings were Ai then I brought her home & she but my other male when he tried but then the next day seen them locked would she just b letting him because he is boss dog
I have an unproven bitch and unproven dog which I am hoping to breed. However, I am having difficulties as the bitch always lies down and the stud seems to be put off whenever myself or the other breeder intervene are there any tips that may help? Thank you
well when i started to try o breed my dog she did the same thing so i talked to my vet and he said when u breed them hold her by you and when the male starts humping her hold her head and chest so she will stand up !! and she wont move !!
English Bulldog breeder, Use A.I and Bench Breed you can too.
I'm having the same problem although the stud is mounting the bitch but just not getting it in.
I have to virgins a bitch and male I mated them on her last season 24 hours apart, she did not take do I try again with her or use another male.
i havent seen my female dog bleed at all and she is almost 2 years old !! but the peace thats suppose to get swollen so the male can get her pregnet is swollen ....does this mean she will and can still get pregnet even tho i never seen her bleed
she mighyt just be very clean and mop up her own mess hun glx
my dog is ready to mate with my other dog she bend her tail when he smells her but when he tries to get on she growls and it is now the 11th day of her cycle can you give me any tips
this is the third time my dog has been in heat. she starting bleeding about 4 or 5 days ago. i have noticed that last two times she was heat that around a week into being in heat,it would seem like she would pee in bed, like every time she went to sleep, i had to change her blanket because it would be all wet. that when she'll be ready to mate??? and i have another question, sorry, i've tryied breeding her the last time she was in heat, with no success. i now realize that i never left them alone together that much... but my question is should i use to same dog, and is it true that u should have the dogs mate on the male territory or does it matter cause the last time i had them in my home trying to breed them, and it seem like she would yulp went he would almost lock on ...please help me
My Bitch has been in heat 4 a while and i avnt kept track,but both dogs where very willing,got right 2 it,is that a good sign of ready ness O jst i got 2 very horny dogs
I just purchase a 4 year old female dog. Prior owners were breeders and had no success having pups. All breedings were A.I 's . What are the chances of here ever having pups. she's awsome ped. , Not fixed. I'm hoping its because. She was'nt willing to have them or not being breed naturaly. Is ther any type of Herbs for fertilazation.
i have a male dog approx 2 years old and just got a female to start breeding she is swollen and and the male has tried to mate with her but all she does is growl at him and i have seen no signs of bleeding on her is she at the end of her cycle or just starting any tips ?
it is normal for a female who is not ready to breed to growl at the male who only has breeding on him mind! she is not ready for breeding and when she is she will tell him
My female dog growls and bites at the male She is on day 10 or 12 but will the male still be interested once she stops bleeding? This is her 2 nd heat! He SO ready and very interested she is not! Weve tried holding her but she is super aggressive folds him growing and biting! What can we do? Help please
I have labrador female dog. She is 12 months old. She is on her first heat. Should I mate her on her first heat...????
DO not breed on the first heat! Ususally females are not mature enough to be bred her first heat. There is an increased chance for complications as well as her rejecting the puppies.
no my dog charrlote the vet told us to wait until her second heat
Do the dogs have to lock in order for the female to become impregnated?
yes the dog and the bitch must Tie! it could happen with out you knowing so always watch for them and keep the female calm by being with her! if she try's to run around when the dog/sire/stud is still tied he can really get hurt!
no they do not i breed poodles nd i have had more luck with pregnancy by them not locking then locking. the male just has to ejaculate in her.
hi dont no if you can help me but i do no no the dates of the heat of my poodle but she tied with a male yesterday 6 times but i dont no if shes still in heat because when they were together she kept running behind him smelling him and he smelling her then when he did mount her and they tied she tried to bite him but she wasnt interested in mating with him but they did tie but like i said i dont no if shes still in heat it is her first time mating but her 2nd heat she is 1yr and 5 months thanks
What are the times of year or seasons when most breeders getthere bitches pregnant ?