Healing a wound with vinegar at home

2013-10-30 19:12

Wounds can be difficult to heal. In fact they can sometimes be downright stubborn. If the wound becomes infected with a resistant organism, it may take weeks or months for complete healing. One of the more resistant germs is Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Over time this bacteria has become resistance to many antibiotics and disinfectants. This is most likely due to antibiotic overuse. This is becoming a dangerous trend.

I worked in home health care for many years and specialized in wound care. I found it to be very rewarding to watch a wound heal. What I found fascinating is that what could be termed as folk medicine healing was very effective. The most effective methods for wound healing was using household items such sugar, honey, Clorox or vinegar. A solution using Clorox and water could be made for pennies in comparison to the expensive Dakins solution and Vinegar with distilled water could be used instead of Acetic Acid. Vinegar contains 8% acetic acid which is its main component. I started to research this and in time was able to get physicians to get on board with me allow for alternative healing mechanisms. This was especially useful for a noncompliant population that could not afford the more expensive solutions. Studies now show that not only does vinegar solution work, it is sometimes more effective that traditional antibiotics.

What is a Pseudomonas infection?

This infection is caused by a strain of bacteria that is found commonly. The bacterium is called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Healthy individuals can often fight off these types of infections rather easily. If you have a weakened immune system, the infection can become rather serious. It is spread by improper hand washing techniques and sometimes contaminated equipment. It is treated generally with antibiotics. Unfortunately, this bacterium, just like many others, is becoming more difficult to treat because of increasing antibiotic resistance. If wounds infected with this type of bacteria can be treated with something as simple as a vinegar solution, it will help quell additional resistance.


Numerous studies have been done in the lab showing that acetic acid was helpful in eradicating infection. Human studies however always show the most promise. During one study, seven hospitalized patients with wound infections were selected. These patients were not responding to traditional therapy for at least one week. A culture of the wound drainage was conducted and they all had Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections that were resistant to four or more antibiotics. A topical solution of 3%-5% acetic acid was applied to the wounds for 2 to 12 times with 100% success in eliminating the organism. No other antibiotics were used during the study. The most amazing outcome during that study was of a wound that was not responding to traditional antibiotic treatment for a month using a total of 15 different antibiotics. However after using 5% acetic acid irrigations and wound washes it healed. These wounds were not insignificant either. They included abscesses, post operative wounds and foot ulcers. Every single one of them responded with complete elimination of the bacteria. It was concluded that “3% acetic acid is nontoxic, inexpensive and efficient topical agent for effective elimination of P. aeruginosa from superficial infection site. It is the best alternative when infection is caused by multiple antibiotic resistant strains and where there is shortage of therapeutic options.” It is good to know that there is scientific proof to back up what I learned decades ago.

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Wound healing at home

So what if you have a wound at home and you don’t have a clue if it is infected, or if it is what it is infected with? No problem. Vinegar is one of those classic “does no harm” treatments. More and more doctors and specifically dermatologists and surgeons are relying on the miracle of vinegar.

Here is a classic wound care treatment plan.

• Cleanse the site with one tablespoon of white vinegar in one pint of distilled water. Allow the solution to remain on the site as a “soak” for 10-15 minutes.
• Dry the area and apply a small amount Vaseline or wound ointment.
• Place a dressing or band-aid over the wound.
• Repeat this process daily.

Simple enough right? Sometimes simple truly is better.

Take away message
Always seek the advice of your healthcare professional if you have a non healing wound. Remember wound healing, as in everything, is a very individual process. Several factors can interfere with healing such as age, stress, medications, nutrition and smoking. Educating yourself on the influence of these factors may improve your wound’s healing

Reference: CDC, Bioline



another great use for vinegar!
Vinegar IS a wonderful household item. From cleaning your counters to healing your wounds. How great is that?
Ive always thought Of Vinegar As A Natural Healing Agent....though I Never Really tried It Until Tonight. Off And On This Year Ive dealt With An ingrown Toe Nail. And Pus Is Forming So I Soaked my Foot In Vinegar And Baking soda. After squeezing out What I Could I Added Pure Vinegar To The Open Wound. Already Feel A Relief!
Vinegar is great. Will kill warts too!
can you use vinegar to heal boils this is a open wound please let me know how to heal these boils using vinegar. thank you I await to hear from you.
I am using it... it feels like using deep alcohol to cleanse and heal the area
Pls i need you help i have open wound in butt bcz of boil pls let me know what can i do to heal my wound pls help me
well when I was in the hospital with a very bad infection with cellulitis they used a vinegar soak on both of my legs and yes it did bring a lot of relief to my legs and helped with the infection and it made it go away a lot faster that was Sioux falls SD. the docs their really knew what they were doing so yes I have faith in vinegar. since I have had a lot infections like all the time
I have started using vinegar on my wound it's leg
Hi, yep vinegar is amazing! AND ACV even better. BUT I will never use Vaseline on my body petroleum product yuk. I have once cleaned I use only pure organic coconut oil, results are amazing.
vinegar a great wound dresser that any one especially at home can use
A couple of months ago, I had a fingernail that went bad or got damaged for some reason. I have no idea or recollection how it got to be that way. It got to be a real pain or nuisance being that it would not heal. It seemed like forever. Some how I got the idea to try and soak it in pure white 5% vinegar. To my complete shock and surprise it began to heal right in front of my eyes. I actually could see and watch it heal. I did not believe my eyes at first, nor until after it was all healed and looking back. This was an experiential reality changing learning process for me. I only soaked it for about 5 or 10 minutes the first time/day. It took me time to figure out if it was real. I did it again the next day. Same thing happened, I saw more healing. Then I think I forgot to do it the next day. Then I remembered to do it again on the fourth day. It pretty much healed completely by around the fifth day. This really got me to thinking. I am still awed. What is the power of healing with vinegar? Next time, if such an unfortunate experience of some wound occurs, I will keep it in the vinegar or vinegar on the wound for as long as possible to see how long healing will take place in the presence of vinegar. And while I am here, I want to mention that the best thing for healing burns is; as immediately after as possible, cover the burn area with plain white flour. It prevents oxidation. The speed of healing is also miraculous. According to a story online, is that this was discovered by accident by military guys when one some how got severely burnt or scalded. I forget what happened. But another guy who was there at the time, did not know what to do and in a panic saw the only thing available was a bag of flour and threw flour over the damaged area. The relief and healing was almost immediate. I tried it on a finger burn from a hot stove and it worked very well.
I have a bad wound from stepping on a nail 6 months ago .still not healing used vinegar tonight hope I don't lose my foot