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Hyperthyroidism in Cats and Flame Retardants

2015-04-28 17:21

The relationship between hyperthyroidism in cats and flame retardants may seem a bit unusual. According to the authors of a new study in Environmental Science & Technology, however, there appears to be a link, while another study had different findings.

Hyperthyroidism is characterized by the overproduction of the thyroid hormones, triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), but mostly the latter.

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Household noises really can cause cat seizures: What pet owners can do

2015-04-27 21:40

Researchers have discovered a previously unknown reason older cats can have seizures that pet owners will want to know about. It seems there are certain sounds that trigger seizures in older cats that is a newly identified syndrome termed feline audiogenic reflex seizures or FARS bust previously dubbed Tom and Jerry Syndrome after the cartoon cat that is so easily startled.

Research published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery sheds light on the disorder that can happen when an older cat is exposed to certain sounds.

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Animals Trust ONLUS on a mission to save dogs in China

2014-10-26 15:31

Animals Trust ONLUS is on a mission that spans the globe. They are a dedicated group of caring individuals who partnered in 2013. Founder, Sergio Barbesta and other two partners formed the group to provide an international voice for animals that could help stop abuse and neglect and help preserve our natural environment through petition, education, volunteerism, activism and networking. Their newest mission is to help dogs in China.

The group's latest cause is called "Nobody Touch the Dog" and is aimed at the Chinese government. Their goal is to stop the dog meat trade, mistreatment and slaughter of dogs inChina.

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What turmeric might do for animal health

2014-10-25 12:52

Many people that own animals, from dogs to horses to cats, give turmeric supplements, paste or powder to their furry friends to help promote optimal health. A simple online search yields much information about the potential benefits of the spice as an anti-infective, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory agent and more. But is turmeric good for animals? What do studies show?

The spice turmeric contains curcumin which is the active ingredient that has been studied to promote health.

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Animal abuse and neglect to be tracked and treated as a crime against society

2014-10-24 12:50

Animal abusers will see a big change in punishment beginning next year. The FBI is taking a stance for animal and human welfare by changing animal abuse laws. Next year animal abuse and cruelty will be handles the same as more serious crimes, like homicide.

Animal abusers have a new reason to think twice before inflicting harm on the voiceless.

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Pet Food Advice That Can Save Your Pet’s Life

2014-07-01 09:59

Do you have trouble deciding which pet food is best for your Sparky or Tiger? Do you really know what is in the pet food that you place in their bowl every day? Then you are not alone. According to a recent article on healthy eating for pets in the May issue of Experience Life magazine, many people put their trust in pet food companies - when they shouldn’t.

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