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Pet Food Advice That Can Save Your Pet’s Life

2014-07-01 09:59
Pet food

Do you have trouble deciding which pet food is best for your Sparky or Tiger? Do you really know what is in the pet food that you place in their bowl every day? Then you are not alone. According to a recent article on healthy eating for pets in the May issue of Experience Life magazine, many people put their trust in pet food companies - when they shouldn’t.

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Want a Friend to Help your Health? Get a Pet

2013-11-19 09:28
Man's best friends

A dog is a man's best friend in more ways than you might imagine.

There have been anecdotal stories for as long as we can remember about how a dog is a man's best friend. The emotional bond which is often seen between dog owners and their pets is generally very impressive. To add to the psychological benefits of dog ownership there are also considerations of improved physical health from taking care of your pet.

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Truly Man’s Best Friend: Assistance Dogs Honored During International Events

2013-08-09 18:59

International Assistance Dog Week (IADQ) was created to recognize all of the devoted, hard-working assistance dogs helping individuals with disabilities and limitations in daily activities.

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