The Wisdom of Sage: 7 Special Medicinal Properties

Sep 23 2013 - 7:45am
Benefits of Sage

Native to the Mediterranean world and one of the healthiest herbs that can be found and harvested around the world, alternative medical experts rave about the medicinal benefits of sage.

Known by its medical name as Salvia Officinalis, sage is indeed a pungent tasting healer known to the world from the days of Ancient Romans and Greeks. It was believed to be a heal-all herb that could be used for any medical ailments. 10th century Arabs believed sage extended life, making one nearly immortal.

What were some maladies these ancients used sage for?
• Insomnia
• Measles
• Seasickness
• Venereal disease
• Worms
• Spasms
• Colds
• Coughs

Ancient Egyptians are said to have used it to increase fertility in women while promoting menstruation. The Chinese were known to have traded three times the amount of sage received for their green tea. Sage is also a great insect repellent and lovely perfume.

Modern studies have their own reasons to love sage as well, of course:



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