Teaching Autistic Children: One Professional's Personal Insight

2014-02-21 09:33

Autism is a disorder that often has parents and professionals working in the field frustrated, but the positives outweigh the negative by far. It may not be easy, and those who are not faced with autism in the family may not understand, but the truth is that a child with autism is pure delight for his or her parents, and often for his or her spouse and children. Fitting into the mold is not easy for anyone, and when one stands out so blatantly, it is quite hard not to applaud them for their brave attitude.

One parent recently expressed her thoughts. I will paraphrase to allow for better understanding. -I understand that we all want our kids as normal as possible but it is what it is and we can't change it.- Her words ring true. A child with autism was born with it and chances are his or her siblings may also be on the spectrum. Of course, a diagnosis of ASD might also be coupled with comorbid disorders, such as ADHD, bipolar, etc.- ... the more time we try to figure out a so call "cure" for them, that is time that you are taking away from you child or children trying to tie their shoes or when trying to learn to talk.- Time passes so quickly, it's impossible to get back what was lost but a moment before. Life is not a movie that one can rewind when necessary. Hence, in the words of the concerned mother, "Cherish every second; you never know how long it will last!"

The Inspiration Series
I began the inspiration series, relaying the stories of those who live with autism day in and day out, in order to help tackle some of the frustration that autism in the family might cause.

The first in the series was about a woman living with an autistic brother growing up, her struggles and the sweetness of the love they share. It may not be easy, but just like you would not change your child with another, their siblings would not want anyone different as well.


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I teach 3-5 year olds with Autism in Texas.
I am a teacher on the autistic spectrum myself.