Should Access to Grandchildren be a Legal Right?

2013-11-07 15:39

Grandparents love to spoil their little treasures, a not so well kept secret parents of the child worry about, but they often have absolutely no legal rights to see their grandchildren. There are, however, laws that focus on the "best interest of the child" that a grandparent can utilize to ensure he or she is not denied the right to see their spoiled favorite little people. On the other hand, most times the elder generation is dependent almost fully on the middle generation's good nature and love for parent or mother/father-in-law in order to enjoy the youngest generation of the family.

When the grandparent is denied that right to see the grandchild, many problems may arise. You see, it is not so rare to have children in divorced families kept away from a parent, and subsequently that parent's parents. An online forum within the website is called Grandparents without Grandchildren, a safe space to rant and ask questions, share stories and not feel so alone in the process. For some, they have problems with their grandchildren, others are denied access to seeing them, while others still live in the world of ipads and technology for a chance to glimpse their little grandchildren living far away.


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I have loved my grandchild since I learnt about her (pre-birth) however when her mother stopped loving my son (and slept with the landlord) she decided that this child had no right to know any of my son's family. Can a child have too much love? I represent her heritage and can pass down family values as well as family recipes....she is the one being punished!
Thank you for sharing Betty and I so sorry to hear about this beautiful child being punished in such a way because of human betrayal and egoism. No one can have too much love. It's the only commodity, the only human feeling that is limitless in giving and receiving. Hopefully the situation improves over time.
It is the saddest thing when family suffers because of the selfishness of a single person, often being a child's mother. It might be hard to cope with a broken family, but no persona has the right to tear loving members out of each others' arms. I feel your pain Betty, and hope you will soon be reunited with your little ray of sunshine.
I run a support group for grandparents who are denied contact with their grandchildren in Bristol UK, and I know also personally the utter heartbreak this causes. There are over one million children in the UK who are denied contact.
Great job Jane. Feel free to share this story in your group, but please attribute it to EmaxHealth.
HI Jane, that's an amazing initiative. Is the support group part of an NGO?
There are good reasons to need to take people put of your life/your children's lives. Even when those people are called grandma and grandpa. My MIL kidnapped my children because she doesn't agree with our parenting choice (we got them back 24hrs later and she was arrested). There is no coming back from that. We should have cut her out long before that but fell for the "she's their grandma" bs. Because of this I don't judge. There are two sides to every story and in the end only the legal parent(s) should have any rights over their child(ten).