Families With Autism-Related Genes Should Steer Clear of Cities

2013-12-02 08:44

For families with more than one member diagnosed with autism, living in a city full of pollution might increase the risk of birthing children with similar diagnoses. Life in the city, with its lack of proper fresh air and congested lifestyle, only serves as an aggravating factor for the increase of individuals born on the spectrum.

When it comes to autism, many factors have been blamed for the increased risk and general cause of the genetic mutation which affects how children respond to everyday stimuli and function in society. Some have rather interesting and unique traits which allow them to see music or taste colors, while hearing words read. With all the changes being made to the DSM-V in defining and diagnosing autism, it is a wonder how parents are keeping up with the latest versions. It gets even harder to find or keep employment while caring for a child on the spectrum.

Certain foods have been named to help quell the worst of the meltdowns that accompany autism, while tips are offered from parents and organizations alike to help parents with techniques that would soothe their children's autism-related behavior. It may not be easy raising an autistic child, but living without them because of certain regretful and abhorrent decisions made would make life all the worse.

Why Should You Not Live in the City?


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