Is Autism a Genetic Disorder?

2013-12-06 10:38

Autism Spectrum Disorder is considered to be a genetic disorder, based on some evidence an theories that have sprung up over time. Is it true however? We know that the causes of the disorder are unknown for the most part, that each child is born different, and that a whole spectrum exists on which children can function in society at different levels, from those unable to speak with minds forever like a child's to savants who are incredible geniuses in certain subjects and quite awkward or unable to function in social settings. You have high-functioning ASD children who show immense amount of emotion and those who simply cannot understand you frustration and stare blankly, unable to process the data they face.

The 2013 changes in the DSM were rather interesting, grouping all formerly separate syndromes under a single umbrella, changes I have tried to simplify in a previous article.

Life is not easy for a parent of an autistic child and even harder on the little on him or herself. Between employment issues for both parent and child, a desperate need for a good night's rest, rather huge communication issues, terribly disruptive behavior, and explosive meltdowns, life can sometimes because way too exhausting, frustrating, and downright impossible. Parents often seem to blame themselves for their child's autism as well.


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