15 Recommendations on Brushing an Autistic Child's Teeth

2014-01-09 08:12

Autistic children are just a little bit harder to work with as a parent, with brushing teeth one of the top problems on the list. Children with autism are hypersensitive, feeling things more thoroughly than the typically developing child. Tastes and smells can become too much. Meltdowns can become commonplace and severe. Parents in such a situation would become extremely frustrated themselves.

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Autism is a genetic disorder accentuated by environmental factors which can make the simplest things so difficult for both parent and child. Men are over 4 times more likely to be diagnosed than women, with over 1 in 88 found on the spectrum. Moreover, the male and female brain respond to the brain rewiring differently, with gender playing a major role in how the children can adapt in society.

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Some major difficulties are found in:
Finding ways to calm a meltdown
Finding ways to reduce disruptive behavior
Ensuring a holiday or get together goes smoothly
Ensuring the items in the fridge and pantry are not excessively devoured, hidden, destroyed or simply stacked in very strange patterns


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Get in front of the mirror. Most parents sit their child down on the toilet and stick a toothbrush in their mouth. Kids invariably hate this. Have your child looking at a mirror instead, while you stand behind to brush. This makes kids feel more in control and more at ease.