10 Tips to Keeping Your Autistic Child Out of the Fridge and Pantry

2013-12-28 15:43

If your autistic child has a tendency to open the fridge in the middle of the night, eat or drink most of the food you have in there, stack up the boxes or generally just cause a mess, you might want to use any or all of these tips to ensure you are the one in control of your refrigerator's contents.

Autistic children are special. Technically all children are, but when it comes to autism, despite how people unaware of the truth view it, they truly are special. Colorful in a way that is hard to describe. They do not suffer from a curable disease but are born with a genetic disorganization of the brain's wiring that could cause behavior that is atypical or result in functioning problems which are aggravated by the environment. Parents report that keeping children away from the city pollution has a major impact on correcting antisocial behavior. The foods that are served to these kids also have immense influence on their ability to function in a socially acceptable manner.

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When it comes to keeping things in your fridge and your autistic children out, some help might be appreciated. Parents on an autism support group on Facebook provided some answers to the question asked.

How can I keep my little one away from the contents inside my fridge?


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When he doesn't get his way, he turns the fridge off. Then, we have tied the s/s handles and he even pulls out the wire from the plug, if we cover the plug. What can we do besides place the fridge in the garage?