Whole body vibration may offer an alternative treatment for obesity and diabetes

2017-03-17 06:47

Researchers say whole body vibration has same health benefits as walking for the treatment of obesity and diabetes.

Obesity and diabetes are becoming more and more prevalent. Alternative interventions are highly desirable to help avoid the increased morbidity and mortality associated with these conditions, without the risk of side effects from drugs.

Just twenty minutes daily spent on a vibrating platform could lower body fat and insulin resistance

Augusta University reports that there are the same health benefits as walking from whole body vibration for obesity and diabetes treatment. Just twenty minutes daily spent on a vibrating platform could lower body fat and insulin resistance while also improving muscle and bone strength. In a mouse model of obesity and diabetes researchers observed a dose of whole body vibration daily decreases body fat and insulin resistance. Muscle and bone strength were also improved.

Dr. Alexis M. Stranahan, who is a neuroscientist in the Department of Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, said there were also less fat deposits in the abdominal region with
twenty minutes a day for three months on either a treadmill or a vibrating platform. Fat deposits seen in the abdominal region present a particular problem for the heart and general health, including the liver.

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Whole body vibration recapitulates the positive effects which exercise has on metabolism

The researchers concluded that at least in their mouse model model of morbid obesity and diabetes, whole body vibration recapitulates the positive effects which exercise has on metabolism. It appears that whole body vibration at least partially normalizes the response of the pancrease to glucose. More insulin appears to be made which assists the body in using sugar as fuel instead of having high circulating levels which causes serious health problems.

Obesity is common, it is serious, and it is costly

The journal Endocrinology has published this study. Effective intervention for obesity and diabetes is very significant in view of the serious widespread nature of these conditions. Medical News Today reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has noted that obesity is common, it is serious, and it is costly. Greater than 33 percent of adults in the United States are obese. There are a myriad of negative health consequences associated with obesity including diabetes.

Exercise is a good way to fight obesity. However many people find it difficult to adhere to regular exercise programs for many reasons. So it is an interesting consideration that vibration of the whole body may offer an alternative intervention for obesity and diabetes which is as effective as exercise. This concept must now be vigorously tested in people to determine if the results are applicable to people, because this study was done on mice

Whole body vibration may turn out to offer great hope for people suffering from obesity and diabetes. This intervention could be used as an adjunct intervention for exercise. An added advantage of whole body vibration is the positive feelings this generally gives people. It's a fascinating thought to consider enjoying some time daily vibrating away excess fat to enjoy better health.


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