Well child visits may be associated with higher risk for influenza-like illness

2014-02-13 21:29

Well child visits may sometimes put a child's health at risk. It is a paradox to think that taking your child to be checked up at a clinic could actually undermine your child's well being, but according to new research this may be the case. In consideration of the fact that waiting areas in clinics are often overcrowded and sometimes filled up with sneezing and coughing kids, this does however become understandable.

Questions have arisen as to whether or not well child visits are a risk factor for subsequent influenza-like illness visits, reported thre journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. Researchers set out to determine whether well-child visits are a risk factor for subsequent influenza-like illness visits within the child’s family.

The researchers used data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey from the years 1996–2008, and they identified 84,595 families. For each family the researchers determined those weeks in which a well-child visit or an influenza-like illness visit occurred. They identified 23,776 well-child-visit weeks and 97,250 influenza-like illness visit weeks. They observed that an influenza-like illness visit by a family member was positively associated with a well-child visit in the same or one of the past 2 weeks.

This increased risk translates into potentially 778,974 excess cases of influenza-like illness a year in the United States, with a cost of $500 million per year. These results should encourage ambulatory clinics to enforce infection control recommendations more aggressively. Furthermore, it has been suggested clinics could consider time-shifting of well-child visits so they will not coincide with the peak of the influenza season.

Well child visits have been found to be associated with greater than 700,000 subsequent flu-like illnesses a year, reports the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America on Feb. 12, 2014. It has been shown in new research that well-child doctor appointments for annual exams and vaccinations are associated with an increased risk of flu-like illnesses in children and family members within two weeks of the visit.


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Not just kids. Anyone can get sick just sitting in the waiting areas !