Want a Friend to Help your Health? Get a Pet

2013-11-19 09:28

A dog is a man's best friend in more ways than you might imagine.

There have been anecdotal stories for as long as we can remember about how a dog is a man's best friend. The emotional bond which is often seen between dog owners and their pets is generally very impressive. To add to the psychological benefits of dog ownership there are also considerations of improved physical health from taking care of your pet.

A prescription for a pet may be a good idea

A prescription for a pet is a novel idea that could really pay off. Overall, pet owners have been found to be better off than non-owners, particularly when they nurture a higher-quality relationship with their pets. The majority of families in the United States have at least one pet,
as reported on by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There are many health benefits of owning pets.

It has been found that pets can decrease your:

1: Blood pressure

2: Cholesterol levels

3: Triglyceride levels

4: Feelings of loneliness

Pets can also increase your:

1: Opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities


2: Opportunities for socialization

Research confirms the belief that overall owning a dog is really good for your health, as reported
upon in the journal Psychology and Society. This study was done by researchers associated with the Psychology Department at the University of Tromsø, Norway. It has been shown that the owner's attachment to their pets influences taking time to walk their dogs which is of course very beneficial for their health.


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