Unhealthy meals are being pushed by restaurants in public housing developments

2014-04-10 12:54

Findings that unhealthy meals are being pushed by restaurants in public housing developments are disturbing. Clearly, good nutrition is the single most important initial factor for good health in body and mind. The finding that there are not as many healthy meals served in restaurants in public housing developments as elsewhere implies the health and lives of poor people in such instances are being sacrificed for quick profits by such unscrupulous businesses.

Restaurants in public housing development neighborhoods offer less healthy entrées

Researchers decided to compare restaurant marketing by restaurant and neighborhood type, reports the American Journal of Health Behavior. In the public housing development neighborhoods there was lower income and a higher minority population than in comparison neighborhoods. The restaurants in public housing development neighborhoods had less healthy entrées than in comparison neighborhoods. Fast food restaurants were found to offer:

1: Cheaper beverages

2: More children's meals

3: Supersize drinks

4: Free prize with purchase

It was concluded that residents of lower socioeconomic neighborhoods appear to be differentially exposed to unhealthy food options.

The researchers found that restaurants in public housing developments serve less healthy meals and about 75 percent of the entrées are unhealthy, reports Kansas State University. This study found that when it comes to your making healthy food choices at restaurants, the location of the restaurant plays as much of a role in calories as what you eat.


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Oh my god, It is the evil companies that are FORCING poor quality food down peoples throats, usually at the point of a gun! Really? I guess personal responsibility truly is dead in this country. Those EVIL FOOD COMPANIES made me do it!
Of course they aren't forcing them at gun point. But when you don't make enough money to support your family and you don't have time to cook meals because of your job, its not a matter of personal responsibility its a matter of survival. Do you honestly think these low-income families would continue to only eat fast food if they had enough money and time? I highly doubt most of them would. Personal responsibility is not "truly dead," some people just don't have the option to eat healthier. And I wouldn't call the food companies "evil" persay, but they definitely put their profits ahead of the consumer's health and worker's livelihood and safety at any chance they get.