Separation and divorce can hit your health hard and even kill you

2014-07-19 09:56

Separation and divorce are difficult for anyone. It has been observed that even if a relationship was not going well for awhile the emotional adjustment to being alone again is generally hard to take for each member of the couple. Research shows the cost of separation and divorce on your health goes further than the emotional turmoil which is anticipated to be encountered. Sleep problems, high blood pressure, and even death may be associated with separation and divorce.

Sleep complaints predict increases in resting blood pressure after marital separation

It has been observed by researchers that sleep complaints predict increases in resting blood pressure after marital separation reported Health Psychology. It has been known that marital separation and divorce are linked to many negative health outcomes. However, few studies have examined the psychophysiological mechanisms which may give rise to these outcomes.

In this study changes in resting blood pressure as a function of sleep complaints is investigated in recently divorced adults. It was concluded by the researchers that in recently separated adults increased sleep complaints may predict increased risk for future increases in blood pressure.

Divorce is associated with significant negative health effects


Divorced people who experience persistent sleep problems may also be at risk for potentially harmful rises in blood pressure reports the University of Arizona in a discussion of this research. There has been a growing body of research which has associated divorce to significant negative health effects and even to early death. However, few studies have looked at why such a connection may exist.


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