Nutritional supplement with blueberries and green tea boosts elderly cognitive health

2014-02-07 07:26

There are deep fears about the possibility of losing your mind as people age. Reports of the deteriorating cognitive health of many older people are always emerging. In order to lessen the chances of cognitive decline with aging there have been suggestions a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition may help. Recent research shows a potent nutritional supplement may just do the trick in helping to protect cognitive functioning in the elderly.

Interventions which are aimed at improving the cognitive health of older adults are of critical importance, reports Rejuvenation Research. In a new study researchers tested a potent pill-based nutraceutical (NT-020) on changes in multiple domains of cognitive functioning. This pill contained:

1: Blueberry

2: Carnosine

3: Green tea

4: Vitamin D3

5: Biovin

In this research there were one hundred and five cognitively intact adults aged 65 to 85 years of age. The participants received the NT-020 or a placebo. They were than tested with a battery of cognitive performance tests which were classified into six broad domains, including:

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1: Episodic memory

2: Processing speed

3: Verbal ability

4: Working memory

5: Executive functioning

6: Complex speed at baseline and two months later


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