Great news for women: Sweetened, dried cranberries help with urinary tract infections

2013-11-07 22:22

Urinary tract infections are very common among women and can cause a great deal of pain and suffering. There has been talk for a long time dealing with the beneficial effects of cranberries in helping to prevent urinary tract infections. New research shows that sweetened, dried cranberries, which are delicious, may also have such a beneficial effect on urinary tract infections. This would represent a really important breakthrough in helping women to prevent urinary tract infections in a safe and nutritious way.

Cranberries have been reported to be helpful with UTIs

There has been a great deal written about how cranberries are helpful in dealing with urinary tract infections. EmaxHealth reporter Deborah Mitchell has written cranberry juice is better than supplements for urinary tract infections. Deborah Mitchell has also reported on new discoveries dealing with how cranberries help urinary tract infections. EmaxHealth reporter Kathleen Blanchard, RN has written on how cranberry juice fights urinary tract infection at a molecular level.

Bacteria can cause UTIs in many ways

Women' writes that bacteria can cause urinary tract infections in many ways, which includes:

1: Wiping from back to front after a bowel movement (BM)

2: Having sexual intercourse.

3: Waiting too long to pass urine.

4: Using a diaphragm for birth control, or spermicides with a diaphragm or on a condom

5: Having a kidney stone

6: Having diabetes


7: Menopause


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