Complementary medicine may be a good bet for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

2013-12-25 12:20

A chronic inflammatory condition of the bowel is generally painful and frightening. People who suffer from such conditions would like to think it has occurred from food poisoning or an infection and that it will quickly pass away. However, when the condition is not due to these factors concerns set in due to chronic discomfort and pain leading to a great deal of disability.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describe inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) as being a term which describes conditions with chronic or recurring immune response and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are the two most common inflammatory bowel diseases.

IBD has been ranked as being among the five most prevalent gastrointestinal disease burdens in the United States, with an overall health care cost of greater than $1.7 billion. There is no medical cure for this chronic condition which commonly requires a lifetime of care. There are greater than 700,000 physician visits, 100,000 hospitalizations, and disability in 119,000 patients every year from this condition. Greater than 75 percent of patients with Crohn’s disease and 25 percent of those with ulcerative colitis will eventually require surgery.


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Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome are very different conditions: this article seems to use the terms as if they refer to the same thing--very misleading. There are also no specific research studies cited to back up claims. And I wouldn't recommend vitamin levels assuming deficiency before being tested to see if you are actually deficient. I have IBD and am all for complementary avenues, but only ones that have some merit. Otherwise I'm just wasting time and money.
Although IBS and IBD are intertwined in this article the point of it is there are options other than toxic drugs and painful surgery. I do hope that many will read this article and take one piece and explore as an option to bringing relief. I know that I have tried some on the list and it did not work however, most of them did work. I live Crohn's free because of taking a leap of faith on alternative and integrative medicine to learn about my body. Doing this was an incredible journey from pain, misery, suffering and many unnecessary surgeries to living life to it's fullest, full of energy and pain free. I now work as the Director of Nutrition Research and Education at an integrative medical facility that encompasses many of these modalities. Giving people hope and watching them feel better is the biggest reward! If you have Crohn's, colitis or IBS take one thing on this list and give it a may be pleasantly surprised at the results. Only YOU can make the difference!