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Stroke mortality can be increased by by drinking alcohol

2014-03-20 11:07
Drinking alcohol

Drinking in moderation it not always good for your health as some press reports may lead you to believe. A lot of people enjoy a little wine or beer now and than and feel this is perfectly safe for them. Some research has implied moderate drinking may lower your risk of developing and dying from heart disease. However, new research shows stroke mortality may be increased with moderate alcohol consumption.

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Good News: Health care professionals are smoking less

2014-01-10 16:45
A smoker

Smoking remains a major killer. Even with the flood of research to confirm how dangerous smoking really is, far too many people continue to smoke. Clearly, it helps to have health care professionals set a good example by not smoking themselves. Recent research shows there may be some progress in this area as less health care professionals smoke.

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Why not live longer? Join the fight against heart disease and stroke

2013-12-27 10:20
A heart attack sufferer

Heart disease and stroke are killing off Americans faster than bullets in overseas wars. We would like to think that with all of the media hype surrounding the need for healthier lifestyles and better nutrition to fight heart disease and stroke that we would be seeing dramatic improvements in dealing with these conditions

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