Fertility treatment unnecessary for most women, new study reports

2012-02-07 17:21

Brisbane, Australia – After trying for pregnancy for a period of time, many women become overly-anxious and consider undergoing infertility treatment. However, a new study reports that these women should try longer before resorting to that option.

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The study, which was published online in the journal Fertility and Sterility on January 23, reported that almost half of women who said they had been trying to achieve a pregnancy for at least a year subsequently achieved a pregnancy despite not undergoing any type of fertility treatment.

A research team headed by Danielle Herbert, PhD of the University of Queensland School of Population Health in Brisbane reported that the success rate for these women was only slightly lower than in women who also reported trouble conceiving and opted for treatment with fertility hormones or in vitro fertilization (IVF). Dr. Herbert explained, "Many women aged up to 36 years with a history of infertility can achieve spontaneous conception and live birth without using fertility treatment indicating [they] are sub-fertile rather than infertile." The researchers noted that if a woman does not have any obvious health problems, including regular menstruation, and their husbands have a normal sperm count, they should remain optimistic that they can get pregnant on their own.


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Keep a close eye on your money! We have been patients of the Sher Institute for over 4 years. We purchased an "outcome based plan" at the end of 2010. We used two of the three cycles and then were told that our donor was not a good donor. We were entitled to a $10,964 refund because we only used 2 of the three cycles. The Sher Instituute now says that there is a loophole in the contract and they will not refund our money even though we did not achieve pregnancy and we only used two of the three cycles. It seems to me that the entire spirit of this contract is to protect us from spending all of this money AND not getting a baby, and here they are going to keep the money AND we have no baby. BEWARE and make sure this does not happen to you!
Consider contacting your state medical board. They may be able to help and/or prevent future abuse.
Don't get ripped off by "IVF Fertility Specialists" talking and scaring you into PGD (pre-implantation genetics diagnosis) most of which is also unnecessary except in rare cases.